Wish 107.5 Music Awards: A Ground-breaking Success for OPM and Charity

It may be a humble newcomer in the award-giving scene, but what Wish FM 107.5 did last night at the Araneta Coliseum is something even the big guns in the music scene can only dream of mounting.

Daniel Razon Wish FM 107.5
Daniel Razon explains the rationale for Wish Music Awards before the crowd at Araneta Coliseum last January 26, 2016. (Photo: Wish 107.5 FM Facebook Page

Wish 107.5 Music Awards is a beautiful concept right from the very start. Conceptualized in partnership with UNTV, the award-giving event marries entertainment with charity. To underscore how big a thing this is, read further: it is something that has never been done before in this side of the planet or anywhere around the world.

Here’s how this award-giving thing works: Wish Awards presenters read the names of nominees and announce the winner. When called on stage, the winner receives the trophy and gives acceptance speech. Hep, wait, that’s not all! Because the winning artist’s chosen charity or foundation will also be announced to receive the P100,000 cash donation from Wish FM management.

Darren Espanto receives in behalf of World Vision the P100,000 cash donations from Wish FM 107.5.
Darren Espanto receives in behalf of World Vision the P100,000 cash donations from Wish FM 107.5. (Photo: Wish 107.5 FM Facebook Page)

And last night, this means that all the trophies (which if I was counting correctly tops 6 major awards) that Darren Espanto bagged translate to P100,000 each for his chosen charities (which, if my memory serves me right include World Vision Philippines).

A veteran broadcaster himself whose early stints in mainstream media was that of being a disc jockey along with his public service projects, Kuya Daniel said that he would like to introduce his advocacy through UNTV to the Wish 107.5 Awards.

Kuya Daniel’s objective has always been about injecting public service to his projects, such as UNTV Life. The radio station Wish FM 107.5 and its innovative blue-colored Wish FM bus are just among Kuya Daniel’s brainchild initiatives.

In fact, Wish 107.5 Awards was that once impossible dream that has nonetheless officially breathed new life as a reality, with God’s help! More than 22,000 attendees at the Araneta Coliseum witnessed this realization.

One of the Darrenatics group trooped to Araneta to witness their idol, Darren Espanto.
One of the Darrenatics group, “Darrenatics Team Oh My D” trooped to Araneta to witness their idol, Darren Espanto. (Photo: Wish 107.5 FM Facebook Page)

The event was even more miraculous that not only was Araneta full-packed. Fans of the nominated artists arrived to support their idols while the country’s veterans, up-and-coming, and popular personalities came to perform, if not support each other, and celebrate one night of Filipino artistry in music, and above all charity. The whole event proceeded and ended with just positivity (Wishing here next year will be even bigger, God willing!).

For many Filipinos, and as for this writer, Wish 107.5 Awards last night serves as that beacon of hope for a music industry that is reportedly ailing and feeling the brunt of its foreign musical rivals. But this event gave a big boost and magnification to what Filipino talents are capable of giving. Our artists are bar-none world-class and we can make it big worldwide given the chance!

And Wish FM is a very feasible platform to introduce them to the world stage (who haven’t yet watch of Darren Espanto’s phenomenal cover of “Chandelier” that continues to rack up millions of views as of this writing?).

The various spellbinding live performances from Darren Espanto, Morisette Amon, Darryl Ong, Jessica Reynoso, Maki Ricafort, Leah Patricio, Marlo Mortel, Brad Go, Paolo Oneza, Beverly Caimen, Juan Karlos Labajo, Sassa Dagdag, Joseph Fernandez, The Voysing, Nyoy Volante, Gerald Santos, and more, showed just a slice of what Filipinos are capable of doing in the world music scene.

(Video: MJ De Leon Youtube Channel)

Finally, what else can we say but declare that Wish 107.5 Music Awards offers a masterclass in producing an A+ musical event with a heart.

It was a historic moment that Wish 107.5 Award broke new grounds in the OPM scene. It also served as another testament to that another Kuya Daniel project that showcases originality, freshness, and undeniable inventiveness waiting to be imitated! But one thing that’s hard to replicate here is the heart of every Kuya Daniel project: SINCERITY and GRATITUDE TO GOD.

To Kuya Daniel, again, thanks be to God for introducing this amazing project! Your fervent support, selflessness and faith in OPM and Filipino talents are such an inspiration.

(Note: All photos used are produced by Facebook.com/WishFM1075)