Bro. Eli’s Blog Inducted into #Bloggys 2015 Hall of Fame with 2 Awards

Bloggys2015 Award for Bro. Eli's Blog
Bro. Eli’s blog bagged two award: the Bloggys 2015 People’s Champion and People’s Choice Award in the Society and Politics category. (Photo: blog of Bro. Eli Soriano bagged the Overall People’s Champion Award and the People’s Choice Award in the Society and Politics Category of the Philippine Blogging Award on Saturday (November 21).

Organized by, the #bloggys2015 is an award-giving event that aims to recognize Filipino bloggers writing in a variety of niches and sectors across the Philippines.

This year’s roster of judges include Rappler founder and CEO Maria Ressa, ABS-CBN chief digital head Donald Lim, e-commerce educator Janette Toral, Nuffnang Philippines country manager Abe Olandres, and more.

Learning of the award, Bro. Eli thanked the organizers of the #bloggys2015, saying in his latest blog, “my best appreciation to the organizers of the Philippine Blogging Awards 2015 for whatever award is in store for my blog site.”

“They told me ‘it was a surprise.’ May God bless you!,” the International Evangelist wrote in his latest blog titled, “Blogging for Truth and Exposing Evil”, posted on the same date.

Through the moniker Mr. Controversy (#TheTruthCaster), Bro. Eli stressed that his writing is not meant to be awarded. “I write not to be awarded honors from humans though. If awards come, they serve to extend my purpose of reaching out to more and more.”

Bro. Eli is the Overall Servant of the Members Church of God International (MCGI). He is the host of the longest running radio, television and now Internet streaming program, Ang Dating Daan or The Old Path.

Bro. Danny Navales of MCGI received the award in behalf of Bro. Eli.

Brother Danny Navales of MCGI (center) receives the major award - Bloggys 2015 People's Champion - in behalf of Bro. Eli Soriano.
Brother Danny Navales of MCGI (center) receives the major award – Bloggys 2015 People’s Champion – in behalf of Bro. Eli Soriano. (Photo: Photoville International).

The Philippine Blogging Award was held at the SMX, SM Aura Taguig.


Daniel Razon Decries Sofitel Manila Bias vs UNTV, #NoToSofitel Trends

UNTV-BMPI Chairman and CEO Daniel Razon earlier (7/14/2014) called on viewers of his morning magazine program, Good Morning Kuya, to boycott the biased move by Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila (formerly Westin Philippine Plaza).

The hotel intentionally removed in its hotel TV programming UNTV, the only Philippine channel with focus on charities and public service.

As soon as the call was made by Razon, netizens took to Twitter to vent their sentiments to @sofitelmanila, instantly pulling the hashtag #NoToSofitel up the Philippines Trends ladder.

#NoToSofitel landed at No. 1 Philippine Trends spot as of 2 PM while #BoycottSofitelPH earned the No. 5 spot.

The incessant tweets from netizens, expressing their disappointments, frustrations and outcries were magnified instantly as #NoToSofitel peaked at No. 6 trending topic under Philippines before 12 noon. As of 1:30 PM, Philippine time, the hashtag is up at No. 3.

UPDATE: Since Monday morning (7/14/2014), the hashtag #NoToSofitel and #BoycottSofitelPH has sustained its place under Philippines Trends. Since Tuesday noon, more than 100,000 tweets were registered by the #NoToSofitel hashtag. 

Observers note such move is against the station’s freedom of expression rights, an absurdity in a democratic nation like the Philippines. Netizens, however, viewed the action as an utter shaming of UNTV in spite of its kid-friendly shows, public service projects for the poor, marginalized and the neglected in the society.

Another Scandal for Sofitel

Sofitel figured in another scandal when the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported about its denial to a senior citizen the government mandated 20% discount for the elderly.

Macalintal sues Sofitel execs for denying him 20% senior citizen discount

UNTV, Netizen Sentiments

At the UNTV Fan Page, the station posted its reason for the boycott campaign.

UNTV Statement vs SofitelManila
UNTV Facebook Statement on @sofitelmanila biased move vs UNTV

Here are some tweets culled from Twitter:

Among the supporters of UNTV, the Ang Dating Daan group is the biggest with a strong followings in the Philippines and across different countries abroad.

UNTV is Focused on Public Service

UNTV is a child-friendly station, garnering multiple Anak TV Seal awards for years. It is also home for different public service projects, including the daily medical, dental, and legal services, free legal consultation, free bus rides, free transient housing, and more.

UNTV conducts a monthly People’s Day event, a medical mission for poor urban and rural barangays and barrios.


Bro. Eliseo Soriano, Ang Dating Daan Big Winners at Dangal ng Bayan Awards 2014

The Dangal ng Bayan Awards has paid tribute to Ang Dating Daan by awarding it as the country’s “Best Longest Running Religious Program”.

The award-giving body organized by the National Consumers Affairs Foundation (NCAF) also bestowed to Bro. Eliseo Soriano the “Best Bible-Based TV/Radio Evangelist” award.

Ang Dating Daan Turns 33
Ang Dating Daan and its hosts, Bro. Eliseo F. Soriano and Kuya Daniel Razon. Photo Credit:

The station where Ang Dating Daan and Bro. Eli’s programs are being aired, UNTV was also awarded the “No. 1 TV Station Committed to Truth an Genuine Public Service” during the awards night held at the AFP Theater in Quezon City on February 27, 2014.

Other big winners from UNTV include Kaagapay for Best Public Service-Oriented TV Program and Rodel Flordeliz as Outstanding TV and Event Host.

To God be the glory!

Arnold Clavio, Bubble Gang Slapped With MTRCB Sanctions

What’s wrong with GMA Network?  Just last week, Bubble Gang hosts Michael V and Ruffa Mae Quinto, and GMA executives were under fire for different violations of the movie-television censor’s ethical broadcasting regulations while Unang Hirit and host Arnold Clavio were issued “a grave and serious admonition” that comes with P20,000 penalty.

Is Bubble Gang Sexist?

Reported by, the Movie Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) was alarmed and concerned by what it termed as “discriminatory and derogatory portrayal of a woman” in a Bubble Gang segment “D’ Adventures of Susie Luwalhati”. It was the “Puto-Bumbong” gag that figured in the case.

The “puto-bumbong” gag of a Bubble Gang segment that alarmed the MTRCB. (Screen-grabbed from Bubble Gang).

MTRCB tweeted the ruling:

The segment was aired during Bubble Gang’s November 29 episode. The summon signed by MTRCB chairman Atty. Eugenio “Toto” Villareal detailed the heavy sexual innuendos, involving Susie (played by Quinto) vigorously shaking her breast and a seeming simulation of “male abuse”.

Villareal stated – citing Republic Act 9710 or the Magna Carta of Women – in the document: “It appears that the segment stereotypically portrayed a woman as an object of rather frivolous, albeit carnal, delight. When women are treated as commodities, they are disrespected and degraded.”

Other exeuctives summoned by the MTRCB to attend a conference on December 9, included the show’s director Uro dela Cruz, head writer Ceasar Cosme, executive producer Junalyn Navarro, program manager Eva Arespacochaga, vice-president for entertainment Marivin Arayata, and vice-president for program management Jose Mari Abacan.

Unang Hirit, Clavio Fined P20,000

“I went beyond my limits,” Arnold Clavio seeks understanding after earning the public’s ire over his brash interview with a Napoles lawyer, aired by Unang Hirit. (Screen grab from ‘Unang Hirit’)

Meanwhile, Unang Hirit was also slapped by the censors board with P20,000 fine over the airing of the episode where Clavio interviewed Janet Lim-Napoles’ lawyer.

Clavio was the subject of a public and online outrage when he was visibly frustrated with the course of how his interview went with Atty. Alfredo Villaflor, who was not in the position to speak in behalf of the PDAF case of the alleged pork barrel mastermind Napoles.

Atty. Villamor is the handler of the the serious legal detention lawyer case of Napoles.

The MTRCB sanctioned Clavio to attend a seminar on ethical media reporting.

The video of Clavio’s misdemeanor went viral and stirred public outcry and demands to apologize. But when Clavio spoke again on the show, he merely sought for understanding for his gaffe, not an utter admission of guilt.

Other Controversies Involving Clavio 

This was not the first time that Clavio figured in a public controversy with his rude and brash remarks and irresponsible reporting.

Religious group Members Church of God International, more popoularly known for its flagship program Ang Dating Daan, cried foul over a Case Unclosed episode showing a malicious rape charge against Presiding Minister Bro. Eliseo Soriano.

In the episode hosted by Clavio, which GMA Network aired twice using its GMA-7 and GMA News 11 properties, the broadcaser used as resource person a self-confessed rapist who joined the rival sect of Ang Dating Daan, the influential Iglesia ni Cristo.

Since 2009, the Ang Dating Daan group has declared a sustained boycott against the television network.

Moreover, the broadcaster’s “foul” and “racist” comments against some Fil-Am members of Azkals, the Philippine National Football Team in 2012, became the toast of the net universe last year. Actress Angel Locsion slammed Clavio for his insensitive remarks.

The Pulse of Public Opinion

Is the MTRCB action issued against Bubble Gang enough? How about the sanction given to Unang Hirit and Arnold Clavio?

Some netizens didn’ think so with others saying 20,000 peso is too little.

There were also questions why GMA Network never seem to notice anything and didn’t suspend Clavio for the obviously skank remarks on a morning show.

Some reactions were advise for Clavio to learn from his mistakes and be more sincere because there’s still hope for change.

Why is the ‘Iglesia ni Cristo Refused Shelter for Supertyphoon Haiyan (Yolanda) Victims’ Story Trending?

Once again, in an unlikely time and moment as the Philippines reels from the recent Indian Ocean Tsunami-like devastation caused by the Supertyphoon Haiyan (Yolanda), the controversial sect Iglesia ni Cristo figured in an incident that is now the toast of netizens all over the world.

Where all this started lead this blogger’s research to this touching  Facebook status from a certain Mai Militante that went viral over the weekend.  

A certain Fr. Abe Arganiosa blogged about this  message, which he wrote he had received from Iloilo. The Catholic priest then fired his commentary about the pride of the Iglesia ni Cristo.

The emotional text message received by Fr. Abe Arganiosa about  the refusal by the Iglesia ni Cristo to help Yolanda victims in Iloilo.
The emotional text message received by Fr. Abe Arganiosa about the refusal by the Iglesia ni Cristo to help Yolanda victims in Iloilo. (Credit:

In Fr. Abe’s blog piece, “Iglesia ni Cristo Refused Shelter for Super Typhoon Victims in Iloilo” that is rounding the whole wide web, the priest slammed the Iglesia ni Cristo for closing their chapels to non-members.

Note: the non-members who were refused entry are victims of the super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) that is feared to have killed more than 10,000 people in the eastern Visayas region of the Philippines.

For the benefit of our readers, we are posting in full the commentary of Fr. Abe:

“It is striking that they have such an attitude when people are losing hoes during the onslaught of the Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda in local name). Outside trees were falling and iron sheets from the rooftops of many houses were flying like paper sheets. In face of danger, it is the natural tendencies of Filipinos to take shelter to Churches and Schools. Yet, these members of the Iglesia ni Cristo refused to open doors like unmerciful innkeepers in Bethlehem during the birth of the Messiah, refusing shelter to the Holy Family.

One Cathedral in Tacloban was destroyoed by the Super Typhoon and it was caught in camera of Channel 7 by Jiggy Manicad. Why? Because people including the media men were taking shelter inside it. Our glory is in the cross of the Lord Jesus and in the fact that our Church is truly home of the poor and the needy.

Take note, they pride themselves for having their chapel standing right after the storm. Good for them. However, a house of worship that is not a house of charity is evil. Like the Pyramids of the pagans they stand as lasting memorial of the emptiness of the Pharoah’s heart.”

The logical consequence is the INC members’ reactions to defend their Church, whose registered official organization named Felix Manalo as sole founder. The INC members slammed the blogger priest as using his charm to create black propaganda against the Iglesia ni Manalo.

One from the INC group, Batang Tupa Blogspot, posted an article questioning the priest’s motive in “Abe Arganiosa .. Desperadong Pari (Abe Arganiosa .. Desperate Priest)”.

With a tagline “Unofficial Iglesia ni Cristo blog”, Batang Tupa wrote that Fr. Abe used an unverified text message, pointing its impossibility of transmission due to network/telecom failure in the subject area.

The blogger then used news reports about the lack of communication lines in these areas.

In the same news reports used by Batang Tupa, however, the Abante-Tonite report actually mentioned that mobile phones can still be used. Presidential Communication Operation Office (PCOO) Sec. Herminio ‘Sonny’ Coloma Jr. was quoted by the report saying,

 “Nakipag-ugnayan din tayo sa mga telecommunication company dahil kahit walang kuryente maaari pong magamit ang mga mobile phones.”

We coordinated with telecommunication companies because while there is no power mobile phones can still be used.”

But before closing, Batang Tupa gave the following remarks:

“Ang mga bagay na ito ay ginagawa ng mga kasangkapan ng Diablo upang pasamain ang imahe ng INC sa mga tao. Maging matalino po tayu mga kapatid at huwag kaagad maniniwala sa mga sabi-sabi…”

All these are the devices of the Devil to malign the image of INC to the people. Let us be intelligent brethren and not immediatley believe in hearsays… 

Another response-blog by Fr. Abe appeared, giving the following remarks about the harsh criticisms he’s garnered from the INC camp:
“… On the contraray the chapels of Iglesia ni Manalo are closed to people except to their own members. What a selfish and uncharitable attitude. Yet they are proud of their selfishness. Instead of bowing in shame they are so proud that they are heartless. Their chapels and monuments can stand the test of storms yet they are spiritually bereft and empty of charity. Like the pagan monuments and pyramids of the pagans they stand as testament to the evil hearts of the Pharoah. Nowadays, they are no longer referred to as Pharoah but as Manalo.”

But if ever there is one that will contradict Fr. Abe’s statement that the chapels of the Iglesia ni Cristo are open to their members, here is one:

An Iglesia ni Cristo member admitted to being refused entry to their chapel during the supertyphoon Yolanda.
An Iglesia ni Cristo member admitted to being refused entry to their chapel.
Lastly and further to this developing story, please check the remarks from one Annasor Cayari at the screen-grabbed Facebook post above.In as few seconds of your time and with open-mind, you will discern what really is the truth behind the matter of “whether or not it is a doctrine among INC members to close the doors of the Iglesia ni Cristo chapels to the victims of super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) who are not their members”.Already, one foreigner posted this reaction on Youtube about the denial or refusal to give shelter to the victims of Haiyan supertyphoon, advising member to go out of the controversial Iglesia ni Cristo sect.

Sometimes, monsters are not named after a typhoon.

[Update: An article, “Iglesia ni Cristo Refused to Shelter Typhoon Victims?”, mentioned that officials from the INC are yet to issue comments on this matter]

Note: This blog will not be able to cover everything (especially on the viral tweet messages from certain Arcan Ville and Regghie M. Orphiada as some materials need further verifications so as not to give biased or one-sided report.

Netizens: ‘I Went Beyond My Limits’ Statement on Villamor Interview Deepens Arnold Clavio’s Arrogant Brand

Arnold Clavio, GMA Network news anchor and one of the hosts of the morning show Unang Hirit, issued his stance on his interview with Janet Napoloes’ legal counsel Atty. Alfredo Villamor last November 5 that drew flak from online and offline readers.

Media groups have also slammed the uncouth behavior of Clavio.

First, check the video below:

Here’s the transcript of the very short statement by Clavio uploaded on Youtube:

“Mga Kapuso, sa mga nakapanood po sa naging interview ko nung Martes, ang tanging intensyon po lamang, na tulad po ninyo, ay makakuha ng impormasyon kay Atty. Alfredo Villamor patungkol po sa pagpunta ni Ms. Janet Lim-Napoles sa Senado.

Sa ngayon, siya lamang ang kilala naming natitirang abogado ni Janet Lim-Napoles kaya siya lamang po ang kinausap namin, na umaasang makakuha ng impormasyon tungkol sa nasabing senate hearing.

Sa sidhi kong malaman ang balita, inamin ko po na lumampas ako sa aking limitasyon at humihingi ako ng unawa kung may nasabi man ako na wala sa lugar.”

(To GMA-7 viewers, to all who were able to watch my interview on Tuesday, my only intension, like you are, is to get information from Atty. Alfredo Villamor about Ms. Janet Lim-Napoles’ visit to Senate.

As of now, he is the only remaining Janet Lim-Napoles lawyer, that is why he’s the one we spoke with, in hopes of getting information regarding the same senate hearing.

In my fervent desire to get updates, I admit that I went beyond my limits and I am asking for understanding if I may have said something that was out of place.)

Is this finally an apology from the broadcaster? Here is a roundup of some reactions from netizens:

If the voice of the people will be used to weigh in on the statement of Arnold Clavio in the morning show, Unang Hirit last November 6, he’ll get a failing mark.

This blogger’s take: Read between the lines: “kung may nasabi man ako na wala sa lugar” means Arnold Clavio is not seeking for public apology. It’s not or never an admittance of error committed. Hence, Clavio has not issued an apology. Still, no spanking from his mother network, GMA Network?

To Mr. Clavio and GMA Network, the public deserves your swift action on this.

Filipinos are soft-hearted and can be very forgiving if you are sincere. But never belittle the Filipino people and insult their intelligence, they know and deserve better than your arrogance.

To the advertisers of Unang Hirit and GMA-7, listen to the voice of the people.

Media Responsibility Group Jeers at Arnold Clavio’s Behavior as ‘Unethical and Unprofessional’

The Philippine Center for Mass Freedom and Responsibility has jeered Arnold Clavio’s behavior and uncouth treatment of Janet Napoles’ legal counsel during the morning show Unang Hirit last November 5.

CMFR asked: “Was this behavior merely rude or was it also unethical?” 

Here is the group’s full statement:

An interview is in the first place meant to solicit information and opinion from the interviewee, not an occasion for the interviewer to insist on his own views, much less berate the interviewee, who, in this instance, was moved by the ethics of the legal profession not to comment on a case other lawyers are presumably involved in.

An interview is also a privilege granted by the interviewee and not the other way around, and is held at the sufferance of the interviewer. The interviewee must be treated with appropriate respect both for this reason and as a matter of elementary courtesy. By these standards Clavio was both unethical and unprofessional.

This was not the first time that Arnold Clavio received a jeer from CMFR.

According to the group’s March 2012 statement, the GMA Network broadcast journalist found himself in hot water for his “racist, discriminatory, libelous and malicious” remarks on the Philippine national men’s football team, popularly known as “Azkals,” during same morning program.

The Philippine Football Federation also demanded an apology for Clavio’s outburst, which PFF described as “racist, discriminatory, libelous and malicious” statements uttered during the same morning show Unang Hirit.

In this case, Clavio issued a statement praying for understanding, but not categorically an apology.

In 2009, Ang Dating Daan Group Presiding Minister Bro. Eliseo Soriano decries harassment after Clavio’s Case Unclosed program for biased and uncalled-for airing of a case against the preacher filed by one he had ex-communicated in 2005. This also led the group to formally issue a sustained boycott against GMA Network.

Here’s an excerpt from a Less Travelled Road blog:

GMA7, through Case Unclosed anchored by Arnold Clavio, on the night of June 18, 2009, tackled the double rape case filed against Bro. Eliseo Soriano by Daniel Veridiano alias Puto. The preacher had excommunicated the complainant from MCGI way back in 2005 for raping some 14 of his subordinates, and misappropriating church funds for personal use. Failing to be forgiven and received back into the folds of MCGI, Veridiano joined the Iglesia ni Cristo, where Soriano is its most severe critic.

No apology has been issued by the station until today.

Clamor for GMA-7, MTRCB Actions Snowballing

There is a growing clamor for Kapuso Arnold Clavio’s mother station, GMA-7 to take immediate disciplinary action for what netizens are calling rude and arrogant attitude of Clavio during his Unang Hirit interview with Napoles’ lawyer Atty. Alfredo Villamor.

As of late GMA-7 has not issued any statement.

For its part, MTRCB Chairman Toto Villareal is reportedly reviewing the taped on air of the episode and already invited Unang Hirit for a conference on November 11, 2013.

Michael Joe Delizo of the Manila Bulletin has the following tweets of the MTRCB statement.

Other roundups

Edwin P. Sallan of, recently wrote about Clavio’s suddently landing in the news not for the right reasons.

Sallan recalled how Clavio has turned somewhat of a hero for criticizing comedian Vice Ganda for making fun of Jessica Soho, a fellow GMA Network broadcaster.

This time, Clavio’s outrage over the gay comedian’s vulgar jokes subjecting Soho to a gang rape scenario was favorably received by the public and Vice Ganda was left with no choice but to make an emotional public apology on his noontime show “It’s Showtime”.

How times easily change. From being a hero, it seems like Clavio is back to zero with his latest outburst involving a phone patch interview with Atty. Alfredo Villamor. After Atty. Lorna Kapunan’s withdrawal from the case last week, Villamor is now the lone counsel of the controversial “pork barrel queen”Janet Lim Napoles for the serious illegal detention case filed against her by PDAF scandal whistle-blower Benhur Luy.

For his part this time, Vice Ganda has found a way to slam his detractor Arnold Clavio. During a November 6 episode of Showtime, the comedian has spoofed Clavio.

What’s next in this chapter? We never know for sure.

What people are waiting for is true, sincere action from Clavio and GMA Network. If the mother station will just continue to keep its mouth shut, it’s only just like Clavio: arrogant.

If that will be the case, the Kapuso Network will only hear netizens play the line of Clavio to them: “Okay, salamat po, wala po akong nakuha sa inyo (Okay, thank you, we did not get anything from you)”.

Or, Arnold Clavio’s very arrogant statement with Napoles’ lawyer: “Pangsira ka ng araw, eh (You’ve ruined my day!)”.