New Guinness World Records Title-Holder Ang Dating Daan Chorale’s Full 15-Minute Performance Now on Youtube

The official Youtube Channel of The Old Path (“Ang Dating Daan” in Tagalog) – – posted today the full 15-minute performance of the Ang Dating Daan Chorale during its official bid for the “Largest Gospel Choir” title from the Guinness World Records.

The Members Church of God International, which celebrated the 35th anniversary of its radio, television and internet program, Ang Dating Daan, on October 12, 2015 at Smart-Araneta Coliseum, was the same date where the Ang Dating Daan Chorale performed before the Guinness World Records.

Before the program ends, the Guinness World Records awarded to the Ang Dating Daan Chorale the “Largest Gospel Choir” title, a new world record in its category.

The Guinness adjudicator Fortuna Burke Melhem has announced 8,688 gospel choir members participated in the attempt, which was more than double last year’s world record title holder.

On Twitter, the official Twitter account of The Old Path – – has launched a live conversation for the launch of the video on Youtube.

Ang Dating Daan Chorale
The official Twitter account of The Old Path (Ang Dating Daan) has launched a live conversation to announce the online premiere of the full 15-minute performance of Ang Dating Daan Chorale during its official Guinness World Records bid.

As early as 10 AM, the hashtag #ADDLargestGospelChoir was trending at No. 8.

Ang Dating Daan Chorale
The #ADDLargestGospelChoir hashtag was spotted trending at past 9 AM, Sunday.

The special Ang Dating Daan anniversary program was a celebration not only of the singing of praise music for the Lord. It as well served as a venue for public charity efforts of the MCGI for the persons with disabilities or PWDs.

For their parts, Bro. Eli Soriano, the Overall Servant of MCGI, and Bro. Daniel Razon, the Assistant to the Overall Servant of MCGI, awarded P100,000 to each 12 institutions for PWDs.

Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel also gave all the attending 1,700 PWDs with their aides with cash gifts and grocery bags. Some other PWDs were given wheelchairs and raffle prizes.


#UNTVRepaso2013: UNTV Year-end Coverage Highlights ‘Tulong Muna Bago Balita’ Advocacy

UNTV year-end coverage highlights giving rescue response to emergency cases. This has been the practice of the Public Service Channel as part of its ‘Tulong Muna Bago Balita’ advocacy launched by Daniel Razon.

Year-end coverage by media networks usually focus on news of the revelry and countdown to welcome a new year, as well as reports of deadly aftermath of stray bullet firings, fires, and emergencies.

But it is saving lives through emergency and rescue response that UNTV has long injected in its year-end coverages.

Tonight at 10 p.m. (Manila time), UNTV delivers its #UNTVRepaso2013 in the same beat.

The Philippine Public Service Channel has long shifted gears in bridging public service through rescue delivery and news reporting by way of ‘Tulong Muna Bago Balita’ (Rescue First, News Later) advocacy.

The network’s CEO Daniel Razon is the brain behind this one-of-a-kind journalism brand and possibly the first such practice in global news reporting. Do More Awards has recognized this brainchild by Razon through UNTV.

As in Repaso 2012, Repaso 2013 will be kicked off by UNTV’s special presentation to review the headline-grabbing news of 2013, the good and bad news, and stories of heroism and advocacies, while waiting for the clock to strike 12.

Repaso 2013 will also feature human-interest stories about the outlook of the indigents, homeless and poor people as the new year enters. Last year, Bro. Eliseo F. Soriano of Ang Dating Daan even took advantage of the event to sponsor and dole out grocery packs to the homeless people that UNTV visited.

There will be simulcast of Repaso 2013 at UNTV Radyo La Verdad.

‘Isang Araw’ Film By Daniel Razon: Video Production Diary

[Updated with interview with Ritz Azul and stuntman, Nash Espinosa, special thanks to @iamRaymondLacsa for the heads up!]

With only a single minor scene left, the November premiere of the filim, ‘Isang Araw’ (One Day) starring and directed by Kuya Daniel Razon, looks very likely.

Production has started in September and expected to be completed by October this year.

'Isang Araw Lang' Poster
Poster of ‘Isang Araw Lang’, the 2009 movie directed and starring Kuya Daniel Razon.

Isang Araw is the sequel to the Isang Araw Lang: The Movie shown in 2009 [For a review of the previous film, click here]. But what the sequel will be about is to anybody’s guess.

But here’s a compilation of the production journal and behind-the-scene to help you figure out the story.

September 19: First few production days

September 25: Start of Action Sequence Shoot, including Jess Lapid Jr.

September 26: Interview with Ms. Jackie Lou Blanco.

October 4: Intensified Action Training by Kuya Daniel Razon with coach Anthony Lozada; More behind-the-scenes of shoot

October 7: More behind-the-scenes of Isang Araw intense fight scenes

October 9: Confrontation scenes behind-the-scenes; interview with Ricardo Cepeda and Rey PJ Abellana

October 10: Toby Alejar, proud to be part of Isang Araw

October 14: Jeffrey Santos, revealed how he was inspired by Kuya Daniel

October 18: Daria Ramirez and Eagle Riggs, revealed as part of Isang Araw

October 23:  Kuya Daniel compoared to FPJ by Veteran Stuntman, Nash Espinosa

October 27: Ritz Azul says she love the theme of Isang Araw Film

October 28: Release of the Semi-Full Trailer of Isang Araw

The new trailer shows a few more cameos, such as Kuya Daniel’s wife and Bread N’ Butter host, Arlene Razon.

Other casts were revealed through the earlier production videos. ,which include Rey PJ Avellana, Jackie Lou Blanco, Jess Lapid Jr., Toby Alejar, Daria Ramirez, Ricardo Cepeda, Eagle Riggs, Lou Veloso, Ritz Azul, Jeffrey Santos, Dennis Padilla, Bayani Agbayani, Dinky Doo, Ryan Ramos, Djani Packing, Long Mejia, Rep. Erin Tanada, Atty. Regie Tongol, Louella De Cordova, and more.

In the 2009 film, Isang Araw Lang revolves around the simple and ordinary life of a kind-hearted and God-fearing jeepney driver, played by Kuya Daniel. He left behind war and power as a military man after learning about God through the Scriptures. It was an encounter with a corrupt politician that propelled the story forward.

Proceeds will definitely benefit many social services launched by the veteran broadcast journalist.

And just like the earlier film directed by Kuya Daniel Razon, there’s a lot of virtues to learn.

#AngDatingDaan Marks 33 Years in Broadcast Evangelization in 2013

#AngDatingDaan lights up Twitter this month as social media netizens greet the Philippine’s longest-running radio-television religious program hosted by Bro. Eliseo F. Soriano on its 33rd Anniversary.

Ang Dating Daan TV Show from the Philippines
Ang Dating Daan Logo

It is also the biggest supporter of a Simultaneous Breastfeeding in Multiple Sites on Thursday, October 24 in up to 1,000 breastfeeding stations. Nurturers of the Earth, the advocacy group in charge, sought UNTV and Ang Dating Daan‘s support in an attempt to break a Guinness World Record in the same category.

Among its English-language speaking constitunts, the show is known as The Old Path. The show’s name is also what people has been using to refer to its religious group, Members Church of God International or MCGI.

Its 2013 theme is “Building a Prayerful Nation Through Broadcast Evangelization”. To mark this year’s anniversary, Ang Dating Daan is holding a series of activities that include nationwide tree-planting  and coastal cleanup drives, simultaneous breastfeeding in 1,000 multiple stations, and more of the likes.

Looking back before its foray in television, Ang Dating Daan has humble beginnings in radio in 1980. When the show had its first taste of television, there were only three production staff. Before going mainstream, Bro. Eli Soriano used folk media, walking town-to-town to conduct Bible symposiums in the provinces of Pampanga, Bataan and later in Cavite.

Ang Dating Daan Celebrates 33rd Anniversary
Ang Dating Daan Turns 33: Building A Prayerful Nation through Broadcast Evangelization

Serving as host is Bro. Eli while Kuya Daniel Razon, then in high school, is the show’s director, editor and cameraman. Sis Luz Cruz is Bro. Eli’s makeup artist, researcher and sometimes production assistant.

From IBC Channel 13, the show also went on air in the channels of RJTV-29, SBN-21, PTV-4 and now UNTV-37, its present home. Ang Dating Daan has more than 12-hour regular programming since arriving in UNTV.

On the Internet, viewers can watch the 24-hour web streaming of Ang Dating Daan. Through satellite, the show, which has its different language versions to cater to other nationalities, reaches countries in the six continents of the world.

The twice-Gawad Amerika Most Informative Religious Program has also promoted community-building efforts with its key partner, UNTV. Bro. Eli, meanwhile, in 2009 received the Most Educational Blogger Award from Mashable’s Open Web Awards.

Among the sustaining social service projects launched by Bro. Eli Soriano include medical missions, daily free clinic checkups and medical assistance, free legal assistance, free bus and jeepney rides. All these projects are regularly conducted in key Clinic ni Kuya stations.

Another priority social service of Bro. Eli through Ang Dating Daan and Kuya Daniel Razon through UNTV, respectively is the free education program through La Verdad Christian College in its Apalit, Pampanga and Caloocan City branches.

Transient house in Apalit and Quezon City were also constructed to accommodate indigents who need a full night’s worth of transient accommodation.

On Twitter, @BroEliSoriano once posted:

At 9th, UNTV Inspires Change, Builds Better Communities

UNTV - Your Public Service Channel
UNTV: Through the Years

When UNTV broke out of the mainstream, it never claimed nor promise anything big.  It didn’t have popular stars or celebrities. It didn’t boast of entertainment shows with big stars with fat paychecks running to like millions per appearance. That’s what big means, coupled with the readiness and willingness to invest in producing or buying foreign licenses of shows or telenovelas that will star powerhouse casts of today’s hottest local stars and hosts.

Being big and entertainment-focused requires a lot of effort to attract advertisers. Another challenge is competition, which is now offered by foreign shows that are highly accessible and available via the Internet. Those with broadband can simply download their favorite shows and movies in an instant.

Thus, to play is to gamble in the network game. If you cannot attract big celebrities or unable to provide really entertaining show, the door to horrific death will be opened wide for you. Since it’s an enormous, high-budget game, it then becomes inevitable to slay other bigness in this highly-lucrative show business industry. One cannot stay dormant as newbies in the game can quickly take the place of the weak players. It’s a cycle that’s unnerving and chilling if you know what’s happening beyond your television sets.  And that’s where the danger emerge: the public becomes immune and begin to unquestionably accept what they’re offered with, even if it’s cheap entertainment.

For UNTV, yes, it did achieved a very different kind of bigness. The Public Service Channel has grown bigger over the years in inspiring change and building better communities.

Now celebrating its ninth anniversary, UNTV remains and bent on staying the same humble station: true to its mission and purpose. It even never oozes any expression of doubt of what it has started and continuously enjoy doing. Unorthodox, alternative and intelligent. Just few words to describe what this channel has so fervently campaigned for – delivering public service – and today, it’s now reaping the fruits for itself and its constituencies’ favor. Its reward is obviously neither monetary nor financial, but more obligations, responsibilities like it’s obliged to perform in the first place. But it never complained doing any of these. Instead, it even strives to go even more committed.  Moreover, it never strays from its purpose from day one up to now.

With Daniel Razon, CEO and Chairman of BMPI, at its helm, the station looks at offering public service and revolutionizing journalism that is anchored on public service. Yes, that appears as its paramount mission and Razon cannot be quickly judged nor faulted for his ideals and calibre as a true visionary. With his over two-decade exposure and experience in broadcast journalism and public service, his heart and eyes were trained to see and expound the vast potential that a media establishment can achieve: fame, glory and richness. But he took the other path, the road less travelled — that is, to capitalize the strengths and opportunities that a media player can offer: elevate broadcasting and journalism practice in a country marred by corruption, poverty and hypocrisies in society. And not surprisingly, he did succeed with UNTV.

Then and now, UNTV has introduced programs and public service works that were never before seen, witnessed or experienced by the public. Filipino viewers witnessed a shift in their daily viewing experience for the first time after UNTV arrived. Indigents also finally found a true friend, comrade. Who ever thought that a television channel can be in an all-out-mission to deliver medical and dental health missions everyday, in far and wide places? Who braved about marrying journalism and rescue missions to save lives? Who went all crazy about spending to create a free transient housing for the homeless vagabonds or a home for abandoned babies?

All these and more became central to UNTV. Is it crazy or madness? For profit companies will obviously think so. Is it an adjunct to its corporate social responsibilities?  No, impossible. Public relations are often public stunts masked as philanthropy. But UNTV did all these and still doing it today without any big support from big advertisers or sponsors. Hence, it’s a genuine and sincere compassion of a television network that is like no other today. It’s most consistent partners include Bro. Eli Soriano of Ang Dating Daan and other government agencies like the Department of Health and Department of Education.

Gradually the channel become its own vision. An intelligent alternative to be exact. Genuine and straight-from-the-heart broadcasting and public service. Does it worry about the competition, of one day becoming big? Of also one day taking the easy route to fame and profitable success? My answer is a sure NO!

But UNTV is always more than happy to be imitated for what it is doing. In fact it happily encourages and inspires to be followed for what it offers to do for the public. Maybe it is the key, it is the goal after all. To plant the seeds of goodwill so that goodness will be shared, will become a movement. Doing good deed that start everyday.

Congratulations to UNTV for reaching 9.