In Debate Featuring Bro. Eli, Triumph of Truth Electrifies the Internet

A few hours before last Monday midnight’s debate reeled, some people anticipating the mano a mano featuring the international evangelist Bro. Eli Soriano and his opponent Carlos Montemayor, a pastor of Iglesia Luz do Mundo, took to Twitter their sentiments about who will and should win.

#DebateBroEli Live Stream
The debate between Bro. Eli Soriano and Pastor Carlos Montemayor is streamed live via the official Youtube Channel of O Caminho Antigo. (Screengrabbed image by @abelrsuing

In the debate challenge to Bro. Eli, Pastor Montemayor has the task to: 1) prove that in this time there is an existing apostleship; 2) prove the use of the material veil in woman is a commandment of God in the New Testament; and 3) defend tithing is aso for our time. The debate was streamed live over the Portuguese counterpart of the Ang Dating Daan radio-television’s Youtube Channel — — for those watching from the different corners of the world.

Offline or even from his hometown, the Philippines, locals already expected victory for Bro. Eli, whose many constituents believe remains to be the Philippines’ finest when it comes to debates. Netizens root for Bro. Eli to win, not simply because of ‘Pinoy pride’ or the glory brought by representing the Philippines in the international scene.

As soon as Bro. Eli’s and Montemayor’s camp get seated, the viewer counter of O Caminho Antigo Youtube channel busily rise up to reveal more than a thousand watchers, where majority of viewers came from the Philippines, followed by those from North and South America and Middle East.

While Portuguese was the main language used in the debate, such became less of a problem as soon as fellow netizens offered to help by pouring their translation of the discussion into the Youtube Channel’s chatboard.

Of Tweets, Emojis and Emoticons

Simultaneous with the raves and wild applause from the audiene in the venue, netizens expressed their amazement on social media. The Web then serves as an extension of the venue, giving a bigger spotlight to winnings yet magnifying the humiliation of the losing party.

Hence, everytime Bro Eli would stand to speak, cross examine Montemayor and defend his side, the crowd’s reaction reverberated not only within the confines of the venue’s four corners. The crowd emotion and raves extend far onto the boundary-defying world wide web.

As in every moment when Montemayor unreluctantly showed his rude behavior, took his unfair swipes against Bro. Eli and untoward attitude before the audience, netizens are quick to take note and poured in their sentiments into the Youtube chatboard.

Witty chat messages on Youtube, tweets and posts on Facebook streamed through the social media timelines and walls, often punctuated with emojis and emoticons and accentuated by screengrabbed images from the Youtube channel. What these whole thing showed was what netizens discovered as a unique mode of online expression.

On Twitter, the situation was 180-degree different. Sharp and sometimes humor-laced banters, candid observations and screenshots of captured moments were quite succint and easily digestible because Twitter limits posts to 140 characters per tweet.

In Celebrity-Worship Era, Twitterverse Has A New Tribe

In a celebrity-worship age that dominate Twitter, it has of late becoming rare to see real conversations and real humans using Twitter for more meaningful, significant and intellectual discussions among netizens. But participants of the #DebateBroEli social media conversation could hardly be discounted as mere bots because sentiments expressed through tweets were filled with careful reasonings, sound logic, that come with thoughtfulness and sincerity in the manner of communication.

Moreover, what #DebateBroEli showed however, was the vibrant and dynamic interaction that blossomed among netizens. As some shared their sometimes poignant, clean humor and overwhelmed expression about their experience in watching the debate, some even offered assistance in the form of translation.

Thus, the collective fervor of netizens that leaned in favor of Members Church of God International’s Bro. Eli winning the debate has electrified Twitter on early Morning morning. It was not a long shot, according to netizens who believe the televangelist’s mastery of the Bible has always been his huge edge over the Peruvian pastor.

Filipinos used to watching the radio-television host beat all his debate opponents from the Philippines and abroad knew already what the outcome will be. And the moment everyone’s waiting – after more than three hours of debate – Bro. Eli was declared the winner of the debate.

With ego bruised, Montemayor, walked out of the venue with his men even before the debate was over. Observers noted the pastor’s walking out was a tactic to leave the impression that he was not given due process, but the reality spoke of the contrary. During the debate, the Peruvian pastor was also said to be unruly and arrogant, setting a bad example as the supposed leader of their sect.

Yet Bro. Eli has shown the opposite of Montemayor’s uncalled for behavior. The Filipino evangelist was well-composed, coolly-relaxed, and humble as always.

To this win, Bro. Eli tweeted:

And as soon as Twitter noticed the euphoric tweets of netizens, it eventually opened its trends list gate and allowed the hashtag #DebateBroEli to debut at No. 2 in Philippines trends. For more than 10 hours trending, it rested for more than five hours in the No. 1 spot.

For the nth time, the debate triumph solidified Bro. Eli’s position as the most sensible televangelist and best Filipino debater in religion. Some netizens tweeted there is one lesson that those challenging the televangelist to a debate must learn right away: to ask around who Bro. Eliseo F. Soriano is, the one and only Truthcaster.


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25 thoughts on “In Debate Featuring Bro. Eli, Triumph of Truth Electrifies the Internet”

  1. First of all, I am glad the name of this website includes the word ‘opinion’ because everything written above was nothing but opinions. Second, whoever wrote this should fix their grammar skills before trying to write such a biased article. Third, the winner was clearly not Soriano! Why? Because he left two essential questions unanswered, whereas Pastor Montemayor answered every single question that was asked to him. The two questions Soriano did not answer are 1) Who anointed you? Soriano jumped around the question until there was no more time! Then he claims he did not answer for respect to the time and moderator. 2) Did Abraham tithe through faith or by law? Soriano’s response was Abraham did not tithe through faith, being that Abraham was the father of FAITH! Open your eyes people! If the winner of the debate is gonna be based on who shouted more, and acted like a fol to waste tie, then yes Soriano won. BUT, if the debate was a serious one, anyone that is not biased in any way can clearly see the winner in whom used the bible the most, and did not hide behind shouting to convince the audience. Finally, Montemayor repeatedly reminded Soriano of what he had previously stated, and Soriano denied those claims at least 3 times, accusing Montemayor of being a liar. If you all listen closely to the debate you will see that Soriano had indeed made the statements that Montemayor was mentioning. I will give one example. Montemayor asked “Do the members of your church (Soriano’s church) remove their caps, or hats when they pray in the street?” To which Soriano replied “the members of my church do not pray in the street”, and Montemayor reminded him that he had said his memeber prayed “day and Night” and “everywhere” “even in a restaurant before eating”. This only has 2 answers either Soriano has a memory loss problem, or he wittingly denied Montemayor’s claims. Review the video carefully, don’t let the yelling of Soriano, and his audience fool you!

    1. Thanks for dropping by my blogsite and scoring at the grammar holes, which should not be the biggest deal right now, right?

      On your faulty accusations, how then do you think your Montemayor will win if he walked out? How then do you also expect everything – questions getting answered – in a timed debate completely be satisfied?

      Finally, please mention to Montemayor that it is so unbecoming for someone who proclaim he’s the torchbearer of the Apostolate to act rudely. Such is not very apostolic eh! Sorry to say this.

      1. Again. Bias. Pastor Montemayor is the one that was treated rudely. In America we treat invited guests much more courteously. Bro. Eli and his audience kept mocking him and what he was speaking. They would take most of his time when he was the one asking questions. When Pastor Montemayor asked “who anointed you?” He was not able to answer so what did he do? He killed time until it ran out. Then he claims he did have an answer to a question asked to him at least 4 times! I would recommend you to analyze the video closely. The yelling does not win a debate or does it?

      2. It is very absurd for a wise fighter to whisper in a verbal sparring especially if his opponent and cohorts try to succumb him with dagger mouths. We cannot expect a brave lion to mumble before a bunch of rats. He roars.

        Also, a real fighter finishes a fight unless stopped by arbitration. Will we consider a boxer who left the ring as the winner?

      3. DId you say he walked out? Did you even see the whole debate unless you saw the edited version which still shows Pastor Montemayor completing the debate. Obviously you need either have attention deficit disorder or you’re just being a plain liar.

      4. Thanks for insisting that Montemayor did not walked out. The world’s already telling you your Pastor walked out and you’re still keeping a blind eye.

    2. Lol! I can testify against your accusation! The debate was broadcasted live via YouTube, thousand of viewers saw that Montemayor doesn’t know how to respect people.

      Just imagine he was yelling at the moderator, saying “You shut up, shut up!”. Have you seen that or you’re being blinded? The moderator was trying to fix and to explain the rules of the debate so that people would understand the discussion.

      Montemayor was unable to answer every question being asked to him by Soriano. He always went off of the topic, changing what he has already said.

      Montemayor has the audacity to ask Soriano about the Apostle who anointed him so that he can preach, but your own Montemayor cannot show any proof that his Apostle is connected to the Apostle during the time of our Lord Jesus Christ. Because their church have existed way back in 1929 if I’m not mistaken. Haha!

      1. And did you see how Mr. Soriano and the Audience were mocking Pastor Montemayor? Did you see that, or are you choosing not to. The moderator was clearly not neutral, and he was taking time from Pastor Montemayor. Look at the video who really had the chance to speak the most? The moderator, Mr. Soriano, and the audience disrespected Pastor Montemayor.
        Excuse me but the one who could not answer questions was Soriano. Show me ONE question that was left unanswered by Pastor Monetmayor.
        The only time when he went off topic was when he made Soriano realize all the yelling he and his audience were doing. (which is disrespectful to the word of God)
        What kind of proof do you want that he is an authentic Apostle of Jesus Christ?

      2. We should not be surprised if some members of Montemayor’s party feel much frustrated until now. Their faith to their bet, perhaps, is deeply rooted to the point of befogging with tantrums the real issues.

        What are the issues? In the recent Soriano-Montemayor debate, the burden of proof clearly lay on the latter’s side. Montemayor had the obligation to build his cases: apostleship, material veil, and tithing all in Christian era. On the other side, Soriano’s duty was to negate the proposition; he was not obliged to explain topics extranneous to the agreed proposition.

        Thus, a debater asking questions that deviate from the agreed proposition is a weak debater. Montemayor did.

        Now, the important post-debate questions are: Was Montemayor able to build his cases? Was he able to prove that his apostleship is authentic? That veil should be material? That tithing is still in effect? Was Montemayor able to win the hearts of the audience, as well as the good judgment of the moderator and other neutral personnel?

        Was Soriano able to dispose Montemayor’s arguments? Who stood at the end with a winning smile? Or walked out feeling frustrated? Complaining about the extra decibels of Sorianio’s voice has no bearing.

    3. You should be the one to watch and understand what was said and told’ and you might be enlightened.

    4. Bro. Eli did not jump around the question asked. He reiterated that it is not the topic, so why bother ask? And it’s true. Your pastor is cross examining Bro. Eli far from the topic. Cross examination should be not off the topic and should be based on the statements said on the stand.

      Bro. Eli used to have friendly discussion to other pastors because the opponents show respect and are not hot headed. I’m sure many were looking for that especially Bro. Eli, but it did not show.

  2. Luke 21:13-15
     It will give you an opportunity to testify. 14  So purpose in your hearts not to prepare your defense ahead of time, 15  because I will give you the ability to speak, along with wisdom, that none of your opponents will be able to resist or refute.

    To God Be The Glory !!!

  3. I testify too. Moderator wants to calm Montemayor, but that pastor acts so rude before the eyes not only of the audiences in the venue, but also the viewers in Youtube. Have you watched, or just defending your pastor to say that he’s good (though opposite of what was manifested)?

  4. Physically, all the preachers today are not annointed by any apostles of Christ but spiritually there is. We will discern by their teachings if it’s conform with the scriptures. Praying can be done in our minds and hearts, also praise, love and worship. Cap is not a big deal, it is the long hair for men & cutting of hair for a women.

  5. Truly that the LORD will always be with people who speak the truth. This is yet another proof that God is with Bro. Eli. To God be the glory!

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