Wish FM Fulfills Wishes of Fans Posted on Facebook and Twitter

True to its name, Wish FM is granting the first batch of wishers’ wish during its August 10 launching concert titled “Wish Concert.”

One those featured was 17-year old Rochelle Pondare who got her wish fulfilled to become a singer and a recording artist. Rochelle is reportedly the only Filipino inflicted with the extremely rare disease called Progeria – a genetic disorder that manifests as premature aging.

Rochelle Pondare
Rochelle Pondare, 17 and afflicted with Progeria, got her wish fulfilled to become a singer and a recording artist.

Rochelle along with other lucky wishers were welcomed in the Wish Concert stage that was held at The World Trade Center in Pasay City.

Tita Tatad Valderama
Tita Tatad Valderama not only received a birthday cake for her 80-year old father, Wish FM sponsored a full party for her father.

Tita Tatad Valderama of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan got her wish of a birthday cake for her 80-year old father. Meanwhile, Jullea Rosqui will now be able to finish her last two years in BS Education. While the Kids of Gemma Querubin can now go and enjoy Enchanted Kingdom.

Bobby Espaldon
Bobby Espaldon’s child will now undergo hydrocephalus treatment after Wish FM granted financial assistance.

Also, Bobby Espaldon was granted financial assistance for his child’s medical needs for hydrocephalus treatment.

Joviena Abrigo
Joviena Abrigo received from Wish FM fresh funds to buy a livelihood calf for her family in province and for her mother’s optical examination.
Jhennilyn Puod
Jhennilyn Puod was’ wish to celebrate her daughter’s 10th birthday party was fulfilled.

Joviena Abrigo was given funds for buying a livelihood calf for her family in province and for her mother’s optical examination, as the daughter of Jhennilyn Puod was given a gift of celebration for her 10th birthday party.

Novie Rissa Padilla
Novie Rissa Padilla got her wish fulfilled – an all-expense paid trip provided by Wish FM, to finally reunite with her family in Antique.

Moreover, Novie Rissa Padilla will now be able to go to his family in Antique for a chance to join a reunion with fare provided for her transportation.

They are just few of the many wishers included in the first batch of wishers.

Most of the wisher posted their wish on Wish FM’s Facebook and Twitter account days before the station’s launching and the lucky chosen one was randomly picked during the event.

One of the special guests of Wish Concert is the veteran disk jockey, Daniel Razon, who is also known for numerous charitable ad innovative projects through his radio and TV programs.

Leading the sign on, Razon gave his support with the humanitarian advocacy that Wish FM has envisioned.

Wish FM also introduced a state-of-the-art mobile FM bus, the first-of-its-kind in the Philippines.

The bus transforms into a musical stage every 11:30am to 1pm and 6pm to 7pm weekdays for live performances of musical hit makers in the country.

Wish FM is owned and operated by Progressive Broadcasting Corporation and is heard over 107.5 on the airwaves.

[Photos were sourced from the Facebook fan page of Wish FM


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