Arnold Clavio, Bubble Gang Slapped With MTRCB Sanctions

What’s wrong with GMA Network?  Just last week, Bubble Gang hosts Michael V and Ruffa Mae Quinto, and GMA executives were under fire for different violations of the movie-television censor’s ethical broadcasting regulations while Unang Hirit and host Arnold Clavio were issued “a grave and serious admonition” that comes with P20,000 penalty.

Is Bubble Gang Sexist?

Reported by, the Movie Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) was alarmed and concerned by what it termed as “discriminatory and derogatory portrayal of a woman” in a Bubble Gang segment “D’ Adventures of Susie Luwalhati”. It was the “Puto-Bumbong” gag that figured in the case.

The “puto-bumbong” gag of a Bubble Gang segment that alarmed the MTRCB. (Screen-grabbed from Bubble Gang).

MTRCB tweeted the ruling:

The segment was aired during Bubble Gang’s November 29 episode. The summon signed by MTRCB chairman Atty. Eugenio “Toto” Villareal detailed the heavy sexual innuendos, involving Susie (played by Quinto) vigorously shaking her breast and a seeming simulation of “male abuse”.

Villareal stated – citing Republic Act 9710 or the Magna Carta of Women – in the document: “It appears that the segment stereotypically portrayed a woman as an object of rather frivolous, albeit carnal, delight. When women are treated as commodities, they are disrespected and degraded.”

Other exeuctives summoned by the MTRCB to attend a conference on December 9, included the show’s director Uro dela Cruz, head writer Ceasar Cosme, executive producer Junalyn Navarro, program manager Eva Arespacochaga, vice-president for entertainment Marivin Arayata, and vice-president for program management Jose Mari Abacan.

Unang Hirit, Clavio Fined P20,000

“I went beyond my limits,” Arnold Clavio seeks understanding after earning the public’s ire over his brash interview with a Napoles lawyer, aired by Unang Hirit. (Screen grab from ‘Unang Hirit’)

Meanwhile, Unang Hirit was also slapped by the censors board with P20,000 fine over the airing of the episode where Clavio interviewed Janet Lim-Napoles’ lawyer.

Clavio was the subject of a public and online outrage when he was visibly frustrated with the course of how his interview went with Atty. Alfredo Villaflor, who was not in the position to speak in behalf of the PDAF case of the alleged pork barrel mastermind Napoles.

Atty. Villamor is the handler of the the serious legal detention lawyer case of Napoles.

The MTRCB sanctioned Clavio to attend a seminar on ethical media reporting.

The video of Clavio’s misdemeanor went viral and stirred public outcry and demands to apologize. But when Clavio spoke again on the show, he merely sought for understanding for his gaffe, not an utter admission of guilt.

Other Controversies Involving Clavio 

This was not the first time that Clavio figured in a public controversy with his rude and brash remarks and irresponsible reporting.

Religious group Members Church of God International, more popoularly known for its flagship program Ang Dating Daan, cried foul over a Case Unclosed episode showing a malicious rape charge against Presiding Minister Bro. Eliseo Soriano.

In the episode hosted by Clavio, which GMA Network aired twice using its GMA-7 and GMA News 11 properties, the broadcaser used as resource person a self-confessed rapist who joined the rival sect of Ang Dating Daan, the influential Iglesia ni Cristo.

Since 2009, the Ang Dating Daan group has declared a sustained boycott against the television network.

Moreover, the broadcaster’s “foul” and “racist” comments against some Fil-Am members of Azkals, the Philippine National Football Team in 2012, became the toast of the net universe last year. Actress Angel Locsion slammed Clavio for his insensitive remarks.

The Pulse of Public Opinion

Is the MTRCB action issued against Bubble Gang enough? How about the sanction given to Unang Hirit and Arnold Clavio?

Some netizens didn’ think so with others saying 20,000 peso is too little.

There were also questions why GMA Network never seem to notice anything and didn’t suspend Clavio for the obviously skank remarks on a morning show.

Some reactions were advise for Clavio to learn from his mistakes and be more sincere because there’s still hope for change.


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