Happy 30th Public Service Anniversary, Kuya Daniel Razon, Everyone’s Big Brother

This month, Daniel Razon, everyone’s big brother (Kuya in Tagalog), is celebrating his 30th year in service to God and humanity.

A veteran host and broadcast journalist, Razon is often dubbed as Mr. Public Service in the Philippines for championing the poor and marginalized with his innovative public service works through the media network that he captains, UNTV.

No wonder then that he has also earned another moniker, Kuya Daniel, which carries more meaning and deeper significance; as in a family, a kuya (male big brother) is the one who usually look after the younger siblings when the parents are away. And, in Kuya Daniel’s case, he’s got a bigger family to tend to – the indigent who look up to him as their dependable and reliable big brother.

He is for many people, a shoulder to depend and lean on. Like a big brother or kuya, Razon is not the kind who leave, even in the most worrisome of circumstances.

Kuya Daniel Razon on 27th
Kuya Daniel Razon, being interviewed by the media, during his 27th public service anniversary at One Esplanade. (Source: DanielRazon.com)

The 30 years of Kuya Daniel as public servant but with no public office were three decades well-spent.

From helping produced the longest-running religious radio and television program Ang Dating Daan hosted by Bro. Eliseo Soriano since 1980 to leading the television station UNTV starting in 2004, his three decades encompass meaningful works full of compassion and dedication to serve.

He’s done well as a responsible mass media personality and progenitor of various humanitarian works through UNTV, such as his news-and-rescue missions, medical healthcare missions, social good movement, public healthcare, free education program, and environmental sustainability, among many others.

It was also his Kahit Isang Araw Lang, an advocacy for volunteerism among people even for just a day, that fully captures the heart of Razon for the indigent. The campaign may also mean feeding the hungry, visiting the orphaned and giving them some piece of hope, or volunteering to join a mass movement to plant trees. Collectively, it is bayanihan whereby the results of shared kindness or goodness are bound to bring life-changing impact for people’s lives.

Through Isang Araw Lang, Razon had launch different projects that include the free college education program for the youth, transient housing, infant care centers, home for the elderly, massive tree-planting activity, and mass breastfeeding.

On the radio station UNTV Radio-Radyo La Verdad 1350 Khz, he has launched a state-of-the-art mobile radio booth, where radio announcer’s booth are moving to and fro, as if literally following where the news is. This innovative concept has been one of the most revolutionary to ever grace radio broadcasting history in the country.

Through UNTV, meanwhile, Razon has pioneered “Tulong Muna Bago Balita” (Rescue First Before Reporting), a journalism advocacy that aims to marry public service through rescue with news reporting. The concept has gained massive attention from keen observers and has recently been collecting awards for innovating the approach in mass media.

Daniel Razon, also known as Kuya Daniel, celebrates his 30th year in service to God and humanity this November.

‘Tulong Muna’ serves as the heart and soul of journalism and mass media practices, which was supposedly and naturally a public service work by the media industry. The investment for this cause included transforming media vans into rescue mission mobile patrols.

In all his daily public service works at UNTV to the news-and-rescue work, there’s obviously an explanation why all these appear so hard to duplicate nor imitate. Not that they are indeed hard to mount by resources-rich media stations or people, but it’s not simply feasible to be spending and spending without expecting anything in return to keep the operations running.

Today, November 28, Rappler will announce their Do More Awards winner where Razon is one of the most tipped to win as The Ultimate Luminary for 2013. He’s already the public’s choice for the honor.

Also today, Razon will screen the film, Isang Araw, to raise funds to help the affected families of the Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). This is the sequel to a film he directs and stars in, which make rounds in different countries a few years ago.

The purpose of the earlier film was to raise funds for some poor and deserving students to get tuition-fee enrolment at La Verdad Christian School, a private school in Caloocan City and Apalit, Pampanga.

To the best doer, to the Kuya who speaks and walks his talk, to Kuya Daniel, may God continue to give you more years and opportunities to inspire and emboldened us to do what is righteous in the sight of God.


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4 thoughts on “Happy 30th Public Service Anniversary, Kuya Daniel Razon, Everyone’s Big Brother”

  1. Napakaganda po ng inyong mga programa sana po tumagal pa po ito para maraming tao ang makinabang to GOD be the glory.

  2. Happy Birthday po Kuya Daniel . Samahan nawa po kayo lagi ng Panginoon. Ipagpatuloy nyo po ang maganda ninyong layunin na pagtulong sa kapwa ng walang hiihinging kapalit.

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