Daniel Razon Receives EPIC Award of PAMS for Exemplary Public Service

‘Clinic ni Kuya’ is one of the pioneering public healthcare projects for the indigents launched by Daniel Razon when he assumed the role as CEO of television channel UNTV back in 2004.

Housed under the Good Morning Kuya show at UNTV, Clinic ni Kuya offers free medical and dental consultation, minor surgeries or operations for all types of patients, from Monday to Friday. [See complete schedule here]

This nine-year old social welfare project that helps raise public health awareness convinced the Philippine Academy of Medical Specialists (PAMS) to confer the EPIC Award to the veteran broadcaster’s exemplary public service.

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EPIC Award of PAMS for Daniel Razon
8th EPIC Award of Philippine Academy of Medical Specialists Selected Kuya Daniel Razon as one of this year’s recipient of the prestigious honor. (From: https://www.facebook.com/KuyaDanielRazon)

EPIC, now in its eight edition,  honors medical and non-medical personalities who uphold PAMS’ advocacies and goals about rendering better public healthcare services.

The acronym EPIC stands for Eight Pioneering Individual or Community.

Willing Instrument to Help 

Razon was unable to attend the awarding due to his very hectic schedule. But he took the opportunity to extend his gratitude to the organizers of PAMS during his morning show last November 18.

“My thanks to the organizers and to all who comprises the 8th EPIC Awards. Thank you for this recognition. For us, as we are always saying, we are only able to do good because we are just small instruments. We can’t do anything if God will not use us.

What we hope to do, and our prayers is to be of use in the different ways possible that we can be of service. And may we be pliant to be used as vehicles and to be instruments so that whatever it is that we can do while we have the strength, while we are living and while our knees can support us to stand, and before these became overused, at least we are able to use till the end.

That is why all the honor, glory are due for the Owner and for the One using us. Thanks be to God for all the given opportunities even as a small instrument of help for our fellowmen. Thank you.”

Doing More With Compassion 

A counterpart project of Clinic ni Kuya is ‘Botika ni Kuya’, which provides free prescription drugs.

Aside from this public charity work, the broadcast journalist who’s also known as Kuya Daniel (or Big Brother Daniel), has other projects and advocacies for the marginalized sectors of the society.

Clinic ni Kuya, the free healthcare service for the indigents, is a regular component of Good Morning Kuya of UNTV.
Clinic ni Kuya, the free healthcare service for the indigents, is a regular component of Good Morning Kuya of UNTV.

While there is the ‘Legal Center ni Kuya’, which provide free legal assistance, another social welfare project is the wish-granting ‘Munting Pangarap’ program that gives funds as initial livelihood capital to start a business.

Another advocacy he launched with support from Bro. Eliseo Soriano and Ang Dating Daan group, is the free education program for poor and deserving students.

He founded the private college La Verdad Christian School both in Apalit, Pampanga and Caloocan City in the capital Manila.

Razon is also supporting the Department of Education’s alternative learning system (ALS) program, Dunong-Gulong or the mobile bus school project. 

In cooperation with Bro. Eli and Members Church of God International (MCGI), which is locally known as the Ang Dating Daan group, Razon through UNTV donated high-tech buses worth over P1 million.

This month of November, Kuya Daniel Razon is celebrating his 30th year in public service.

Apart from the EPIC Awards of PAMS, Kuya Daniel is a Luminary Category Finalist of Rappler and Rexona’s Do More Awards, which will award the winners on November 28 this year.


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