Why is the ‘Iglesia ni Cristo Refused Shelter for Supertyphoon Haiyan (Yolanda) Victims’ Story Trending?

Once again, in an unlikely time and moment as the Philippines reels from the recent Indian Ocean Tsunami-like devastation caused by the Supertyphoon Haiyan (Yolanda), the controversial sect Iglesia ni Cristo figured in an incident that is now the toast of netizens all over the world.

Where all this started lead this blogger’s research to this touching  Facebook status from a certain Mai Militante that went viral over the weekend.  

A certain Fr. Abe Arganiosa blogged about this  message, which he wrote he had received from Iloilo. The Catholic priest then fired his commentary about the pride of the Iglesia ni Cristo.

The emotional text message received by Fr. Abe Arganiosa about  the refusal by the Iglesia ni Cristo to help Yolanda victims in Iloilo.
The emotional text message received by Fr. Abe Arganiosa about the refusal by the Iglesia ni Cristo to help Yolanda victims in Iloilo. (Credit: Splendorofthechurch.com.ph)

In Fr. Abe’s blog piece, “Iglesia ni Cristo Refused Shelter for Super Typhoon Victims in Iloilo” that is rounding the whole wide web, the priest slammed the Iglesia ni Cristo for closing their chapels to non-members.

Note: the non-members who were refused entry are victims of the super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) that is feared to have killed more than 10,000 people in the eastern Visayas region of the Philippines.

For the benefit of our readers, we are posting in full the commentary of Fr. Abe:

“It is striking that they have such an attitude when people are losing hoes during the onslaught of the Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda in local name). Outside trees were falling and iron sheets from the rooftops of many houses were flying like paper sheets. In face of danger, it is the natural tendencies of Filipinos to take shelter to Churches and Schools. Yet, these members of the Iglesia ni Cristo refused to open doors like unmerciful innkeepers in Bethlehem during the birth of the Messiah, refusing shelter to the Holy Family.

One Cathedral in Tacloban was destroyoed by the Super Typhoon and it was caught in camera of Channel 7 by Jiggy Manicad. Why? Because people including the media men were taking shelter inside it. Our glory is in the cross of the Lord Jesus and in the fact that our Church is truly home of the poor and the needy.

Take note, they pride themselves for having their chapel standing right after the storm. Good for them. However, a house of worship that is not a house of charity is evil. Like the Pyramids of the pagans they stand as lasting memorial of the emptiness of the Pharoah’s heart.”

The logical consequence is the INC members’ reactions to defend their Church, whose registered official organization named Felix Manalo as sole founder. The INC members slammed the blogger priest as using his charm to create black propaganda against the Iglesia ni Manalo.

One from the INC group, Batang Tupa Blogspot, posted an article questioning the priest’s motive in “Abe Arganiosa .. Desperadong Pari (Abe Arganiosa .. Desperate Priest)”.

With a tagline “Unofficial Iglesia ni Cristo blog”, Batang Tupa wrote that Fr. Abe used an unverified text message, pointing its impossibility of transmission due to network/telecom failure in the subject area.

The blogger then used news reports about the lack of communication lines in these areas.

In the same news reports used by Batang Tupa, however, the Abante-Tonite report actually mentioned that mobile phones can still be used. Presidential Communication Operation Office (PCOO) Sec. Herminio ‘Sonny’ Coloma Jr. was quoted by the report saying,

 “Nakipag-ugnayan din tayo sa mga telecommunication company dahil kahit walang kuryente maaari pong magamit ang mga mobile phones.”

We coordinated with telecommunication companies because while there is no power mobile phones can still be used.”

But before closing, Batang Tupa gave the following remarks:

“Ang mga bagay na ito ay ginagawa ng mga kasangkapan ng Diablo upang pasamain ang imahe ng INC sa mga tao. Maging matalino po tayu mga kapatid at huwag kaagad maniniwala sa mga sabi-sabi…”

All these are the devices of the Devil to malign the image of INC to the people. Let us be intelligent brethren and not immediatley believe in hearsays… 

Another response-blog by Fr. Abe appeared, giving the following remarks about the harsh criticisms he’s garnered from the INC camp:
“… On the contraray the chapels of Iglesia ni Manalo are closed to people except to their own members. What a selfish and uncharitable attitude. Yet they are proud of their selfishness. Instead of bowing in shame they are so proud that they are heartless. Their chapels and monuments can stand the test of storms yet they are spiritually bereft and empty of charity. Like the pagan monuments and pyramids of the pagans they stand as testament to the evil hearts of the Pharoah. Nowadays, they are no longer referred to as Pharoah but as Manalo.”

But if ever there is one that will contradict Fr. Abe’s statement that the chapels of the Iglesia ni Cristo are open to their members, here is one:

An Iglesia ni Cristo member admitted to being refused entry to their chapel during the supertyphoon Yolanda.
An Iglesia ni Cristo member admitted to being refused entry to their chapel.
Lastly and further to this developing story, please check the remarks from one Annasor Cayari at the screen-grabbed Facebook post above.In as few seconds of your time and with open-mind, you will discern what really is the truth behind the matter of “whether or not it is a doctrine among INC members to close the doors of the Iglesia ni Cristo chapels to the victims of super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) who are not their members”.Already, one foreigner posted this reaction on Youtube about the denial or refusal to give shelter to the victims of Haiyan supertyphoon, advising member to go out of the controversial Iglesia ni Cristo sect.

Sometimes, monsters are not named after a typhoon.

[Update: An ABS-CBNnews.com article, “Iglesia ni Cristo Refused to Shelter Typhoon Victims?”, mentioned that officials from the INC are yet to issue comments on this matter]

Note: This blog will not be able to cover everything (especially on the viral tweet messages from certain Arcan Ville and Regghie M. Orphiada as some materials need further verifications so as not to give biased or one-sided report.


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38 thoughts on “Why is the ‘Iglesia ni Cristo Refused Shelter for Supertyphoon Haiyan (Yolanda) Victims’ Story Trending?”

      1. tama…ang Iglesia ni Manalo ay isang huwad na relihiyon…pinapkikinabangan lng yan ng mga politiko dhil binabayaran si MANALO ng milyong halaga…eto nmng mga uto utong meyembro ng Iglesia Ni Manalo ay iboboto din kung ano sabihin ni Manalo..mga wlang sariling pgiisip at desisyon…akala nila sila ang makakaligtas pgdating ng paghuhukom? Sila unang mapupunta sa Impyerno

    1. watch out as there is a counter propaganda na ang inc tacloban sheltered 11 families. are these 11 families members of inc or not. kung members. nd ito makakatulong sa sigalot ng iglesia ngayon dahil pinatutuhanan laang na pag nd ka iglesia nd ka pueding pumasok

  1. Kahit Anong paninira nyo po magpapatuloy ang paglilingkod namin sapagkat handa kami buong puso kami tumutulong sa mga kababayan namin kahit dito sa Singapore gumagalaw kami para maipadala ang tulong dyan Ikaw Kabayan aaksayahin mo ba oras mo sa pagpatol sa ganitong isyu

  2. Just proving INC folks do not know the bible. Jesus did not drive the poor away from the temple, he drove away the vendors selling animals for sacrifice. They commercialized the temple sacrifice. I would believe the story in Iloilo. We were former INC’s. During the Pampanga typhoon/floods of the 70’s, the INC would give out relief goods, only to their members. They have a member list on hand. On the other hand, the Catholic Relief, World Vision, the government, ABS-CBN, U.S. Military would come in to help and guess what, they did not carry a list, which meant everyone lined up, including the INC’s.

  3. If this is true we shouldn’t hold the entire INC responsible, but the individuals that denied access to the church. It is normal for everyone to be angy, but we don’t know what is really happening out there. People saying negative things about the church have a right to their opinion, but remember when Judas sold Jesus. He was a desciple of Jesus, but would we hold Jesus responsible for his actions. Just an example.

  4. kayong mga kaanib sa inc,patunayan nyo ngayon na may puso kayo sa pagtulong sa kapwa;ngayon kayo mag mission na gaya ng ginawa nyo sa manila;kayang kaya nyo yan,kahit buong kabisayaan pa.nabasa nyo ba na di pumipili ng taong tutulungan ang panginoong Hesukristo?huwag puro pasugo ang binabasa nyo!!

  5. Isang malaking pagkakamali ang ginawa ng mga Iglesia ni Cristo. Sa panahon ngayon na dapat nagtutulungan ang mga tao, inyong ipinagdamot ang kung anong meron kayo. Sa panahon ng trahedya, pantay pantay muna tayo. Hindi nyo dapat kinakalaban ang ibang relihiyon. Isa tong malaking pagkakamali at kasiraan sa relihiyon nyo. Sumasalamin sa ugali nyo kung anong itinuturo sa inyo. Ganito talaga ang initial reaction ng mga tao na makakaalam neto. WALANG MATUTUWA. Im so disappointed. Hindi sa jina-judge ko ang INC, pakikipagkapwa tao nalang sana ang pinagana nyo kung may nanghihingi ng tulong sa inyo. YAN NA BA ANG SINASABI NYONG KAYO LANG ANG MALILIGTAS? at ang iba’y mamamatay na lang? Wala kayong puso.

  6. Hindi nyo rin po masisi yung mga miyembro nila kasi mismo ang taga pangasiwa nila na si Mr. Manalo ang nag uutos na itakwil ang mga katoliko at protestante. mababasa po yan mismo sa pasugo nila noong august 1961.

    Ayon sa PASUGO August 1961 page 39.

    “Kaya sa wakas ng lathalang ito, dapat nating itakwil ang mga paring katoliko at mga pastor protestante. sapagkat sila’y mga ministro ni Satanas. Dapat din nating itakwil ang Iglesia Katolika at ang iba’t ibang iglesia protestante, sapagkat sila’y hindi sa Diyos, kundi sila’y kay Satanas o sa demonyo.

    yung ibang member ng INC di nila alam yan. Utos po ng mga Manalo yan kaya sa mga nagtatanggol na mga INC member yan ang tutulan nyo na mismo si Manalo ang nagsabi.


  7. any religion who would say that that their members are the only ones that will be saved is evil. they put their God in a box. the God i know is more merciful than that. religion will not save you. its your personal relationship with God that will.

  8. kaya nag withstand ang mga chapel nila kasi bago. ang Churches ng mga Katoliko luma na kasi sobrang tagal na ng Religion. haays..

    1. nd winasak ng bagyong yolanda ang simbahan ng inc para magkaroon ng pagkakataon ang namumuno na makita sa buong mundo kung ano ang kanilang gagawin para sa nd kasapi sa kanilang relgion.

  9. Para po kay Miss Annasor Cayari

    12 Pumasok si Jesus sa Templo at ipinagtabuyan niyang palabas ang mga nagbibili at namimili roon. Ipinagtataob niya ang mga mesa ng mga namamalit ng salapi at ang mga upuan ng mga nagtitinda ng kalapati. 13 Sinabi niya, “Sinasabi sa Kasulatan,

    ‘Ang aking tahanan ay tatawaging bahay-dalanginan.’

    Ngunit ginawa ninyo itong lungga ng mga magnanakaw.”

    parang wala naman akong nabasang pulubi… parang kakaiba naman yung turo sa inyo…

    1. wow,unbelieveable…yun tpong isang buong mag anak na may kasamang mga bata at matatanda ay magagawa mong ipagtabuyan sa panahon na maari nilang ikamatay….sa tingin ko demonyo lang makakagawa nun…oh well they just proven na sila lang talaga ang maliligtas…kung naniniwala silang magtatagumpay ang diablo…nasan ba mga utak nyo? nasa talampakan?siguro pag sinabi ni manalong tumalon kayo sa ilog eh tatalon kayong lahat..

    2. hehehe yong taga ilo-ilo ibig nyang sabihin mga pulubi. Hay nako napaghahalata walang itinurong tama mga ministro nila.

  10. Everybody has their own mind, and no body can control you!! You have the right to choose on what to believe, but saying foul and bad words to a person, organization or religion is not in the bibble too, God will not love to see that people is judging and disrespecting other’s belief!

    Respect one another and be careful on what your saying, coz i think no body in here is present on that situation and hear say without any proof is a false statement

    What will you feel if some people say that US Catholic is (Catholic ni Pope) (Catholic ng mga Rebulto at Santo) as what you guys saying to them, Iglesia ni Manalo instead of Iglesia ni Cristo??

    I respect everyones opinion but just to tell you guys that we should respect other’s as what we want to be respected by them.. God bless US all!!

    1. Respect? INC ni Manalo ang nag umpisang ipaghambing hambing ang mga grupong Kristyano, sila ang nag umpisang i debate ang isat isat. Dati, Katoliko at Protesta at Evangelical Churches nangangaral lang sa pag sisis ng makasalanan, pag papatawad ng Panginoong Hesu-Cristo, pagtulong sa kapwa, pagbabasa ng Biblia at maging mapanalangin. Alam mo ba na si Manalo na ginawa nyang paligsahan at kompetisyon ang relihiyon.? Nakita nya na mayroong kabuhayan, karangyaan at personal na kapangyarihan sa politika. Kaya mula nyang magkaanak yang pamilya Manalo, sila ay tumira na sa kanilang mala palasyong tahanan sa F. Manalo Street sa San Juan, i googlemap nyo na lang. May tennis court pa! Yang pamilya Manalo, hindi nag trabaho yang mga yan. Namuhay sa karangyaan ( free travel sa ibat ibang panig ng mundo, may mga vacation homes sa ibat ibang panig ng mundo, inilabas na ang mga perang nakuha sa mga miembro at pangingikil sa mga politiko na galing sa kaban ng bayan. Sila ang unang nag alis ng respeto sa mga ibat ibang grupo ng Kristianismo kahit ito ay tumutulong sa pagtayo ng mga tahanan para sa mga matatanda, bahay ampunan, eskwelahan at Universidad, etc. Kaya hindi sila pwedeng bigyan ng ” official religious registration ” sa ibang bansa dahil sila ay lumalabag sa ” basic human law” which must be respectful of other religion. Ang kanilang paraan para maka komberte ng miembro ay mag hasik at poot at tirahin ang mga maliliit na pagkakamali ng mga individual na miembro ng ibang grupo. Sa mga mambabasa, paki wikipedia o google nyo na lang ang ” origin of the word ” church” , o iglesia o ekklesia. Yung turo ni Manalo na Roma 16:16, ay base sa ignorance o kamangmangan. Hindi dahil i pina register mo ang “…churches of Christ ” , o “…ng mga iglesa ni Cristo” , kayo na yun. Hangal! Huwag nyong lokohin ang mga Filipino. Matatalino ang mga Filipino. Parang pinaregister mo ang ” body of Christ” AT GINAWA MO ITONG RELIHIYON,, NGAYON MANLOLOKO KA NA NA ” Body of Christ” lang ang maliligtas, dahil yang ang pangalan ng relihiyon namen. Pagisipin nyo po ito mga Filipino. Harapan na tayong niloloko ng mga Manalo Family at mga elite na grupo na Sanggunian.

  11. ito pa isa sa napansin ko sa Iglesia ni Manalo…noong 1986 snap election between cory and marcos…they said they will not vote for cory because it is written in the bible na di pinahintulutan magkaroo ng pamamahala ang babae sa lalaki…TAMA YON….BILIB AKO NOON! their decision daw in electing the candidate is guided by the holy spirit…BIBLICAL NGA NAMAN YON!…ang laki ng aking pagtataka noong si Gloria MACAPAGAL ARROYO ang binoboto nila….WHHHHHHATTTT?…nagbago na ba ang dokrina ang aral ni CristO tungkol sa BABAE…bakit si GMA ANG binoto nila?…guided daw sila ha?…bakit demonyo ang ibinoboto nila…ang sabi sa akin ng mga iglesia members na tinatanong ko..KAYA DAW NILA BINOTO SI GLORIA kasi lumalabas sa survey nila na kung di magkaisa si FPJ at LACSON ay mananalo si gloria…at nangyari at ng di nagkaisa si fpj at lacson ay kailangan nila iboto si gma..PARA DAW DI MAGKAROON NG HADLANG ANG PAGPALAGANAP NG SALITA NG DIYOS….ganon? kailan ba nakipag compromise ang good sa bad para maging good….ALAM KONG ALAM NIYO ITO..SAPAGKAT NAPAKARAMING MYEMBRO NA NAGMURA NA LANG AT NAKAYUKONG SUMUNOD….TAMA NA! MAG ISIP ISIP NA KAYO mga mabait na miyembro ng INC…magmuni muni kayo…niloloko lang kayo….naintindihan ko ang myembro na humindi doon sa lumapit sa kanila..di natin siya masisisi…yon ang turo sa kanila ni manalo….

  12. This goes to show how ignorant people are. In this time of calamity and carnage, we shouldn’t be blaming people of who should help and who hasn’t. People in the phillipines are more focused on other peoples contribution on this crisis. For those people who are aggravated by this issue regarding about my CHURCH OF CHRIST; ask yourself, what have you contributed to your fellow “kababayan”. You’re sitting here bashing on my church due to this action? . Is this going to prove anything? This portraits the end of the world.. As you can see people ,we as CHURCH OF CHRIST MEMEBERS are going to be save . We are stronger than ever!! “Fear not for I am with you” Isaiah 40:10..

  13. all i can say is

    bago kayo magsalita o magsabi ng kung ano ano!!

    alamin nyo muna ang kwento

    at maghanap ng ebidensya!!

    at ung hindi po kayo talak ng talak na wala naman kayong ebidensya!

    kasi sa hulii baka kayo pa mapahiya!!

    tatanungin ko kayo?? napatunayan na ba?????

    god bless po sa inyo

  14. Walang alam sa bibliya ang mga miyembro ng Iglesia ni Manalo kasi yung ginagamit nilang bibliya ay kay George Lamsa na isang occultist. Pawang pinagdikit dikit na pa na verses sa bibliya ang aral at panay paninira sa ibang religion ang laging topic sa mga teksto nila.. binebrainwash ang mga kasapi sa kulto ni manalo.. buhay na walang hanggan sa dagat dagatang apoy ang ipagkakaloob ni manalo sa kanyang mga uto utong sumusunod sa simbahan nya.. yung kapilya nilang ndi nasira ni yolanda, gawa yun ng demonyo para patatagin ang pananamalataya nila kay manalo..

  15. let’s say na hindi nga po pinatuloy yung mga non-members na victims, pinatuloy po ba ang mga members?
    hindi daw sila pinapasok kasi di sila members,sa tingin nyo ba hindi kayang magsinungaling ng tao na sabihin na member sya para lang papasukin sya? its a life or death situation so malamang lang lahat nung tao na gustong pumasok sinabi na members sila para lang papasukin sila.
    but then again, there are no such evidences to make this report or “rumor” a fact.
    i just think na, kahit member ka pa, di ka talaga papapasukin.
    para sa kanila sacred place yan, hindi evacuation center,
    pano nila maipagpapatuloy ang mga worship services nila kung nagmistulang palengke ang loob nito sa dami ng tao??
    para sa kanila kase, they would rather die than disrespect the house of God.

    this is just my opinion though.
    we should just wait what the other party would say regarding this matter.

    the best thing to do now is to just ignore this and help those people in our own simple ways…

  16. Dadating ang araw, magiging SALOT na ng PILIPINAS ang mga Iglesia ni Manalo. Gaya ng NPA, Abu Sayaff at mga Chinese from China. Dahil ngayon palang 4million or less palang sila eh mga hambog at makasarili na what more kung dumami pa mga utu-uto. Sa mga commnet dito na baka na iinggit ako, well hindi po ako naiinggit dahil wala naman dapat i-ka inggit sa kulto nyo. Ang nakaka asar lang eh msyado kayo RIGHTEOUS!

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