Mar Roxas: Every Hour is Important to Save Lives, Alerts LGUs to Brace for Supertyphoon Yolanda

Yolanda super typhoon
Yolanda, a super typhoon, is expected to enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility by Thursday, November 7. From
“Mas mabuti na ang handa kaysa magsisi sa bandang huli. Mahalaga ang bawat oras para magligtas ng buhay (It’s better to be prepared than be regretful in the end. Every hour is important in saving lives), ” the DILG Secretary Mar Roxas said.True, it is always better to be prepared than be sorry.

While mobilizing local agencies to pay attention to disaster preparations and actions is the job of DILG and that it should be performing its obligations after all, still, this is admirable.

It shows a government that is concerned with the Filipino citizens’ lives. In many ways, this reminds this blogger of UNTV’s news-and-rescue mission launched by broadcast journalist, Daniel Razon.

Daniel Razon on News and Rescue Mission
From file photo: UNTV CEO Daniel Razon briefed rescue teams on responding to emergency cases before the December 31, 2011 New Year eve revelry in the Philippines.
Roxas has alerted all local government units and other relevant agencies about a coming cyclone. Internationally named Haiyan, the typhoon may grow stronger until at least Thursday, November 7. The US Joint Typhoon Warning Center issued the warning on Tuesday morning.

US metereologists predicted Haiyan – which may build a powerful strength level peaking with 241 kilometers-per-hour intensity – could become a super typhoon when it reached the central Philippines.

The country’s national weather agency had said Haiyan is moving westward at 200 kph and may strike Eastern Visayas or Bicol. Haiyan will be named Yolanda once it entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility.

The Philippines has been through many tough calamities, tragedies and tumultuous crises. It’s no time then to entertain negativities but instead focus on the present situation.

After all, it’s also the moment to prove once more that Filipinos are united and cooperative when what’s at stake are the lives of their countrymen.

[Source of news: Philstar]


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