Arnold Clavio Branded Rude and Unprofessional Over Interview with Janet Napoles’ Lawyer Atty. Alfredo Villamor

Arnold Clavio, a GMA-7 broadcaster, has been making headlines among netizens recently not because he’s done something honorable and inspiring.

Clavio is now the subject of scrutiny and flak in news sites, blogs and social networking sites after his alleged rude video interview with Janet Napoles’ legal counsel, Atty. Alfredo Villamor.

Before reading further, it’s helpful for you to check how the live interview went and to get an idea what the latest controversy circulating around the web is really all about.

Another reason is to prevent you from making preemptive judging that this blog is meant to side with Napoles:

Rude TV Host Phone Patch Interview 

Note that earlier in the interview by Clavio with Atty. Villamor, the broadcast journalist already has an idea that the Napoles lawyer whom he is interviewing is the handler of Napoles’ serious illegal detention case.

This being the case, there is another lawyer handling the allegation of misuse of Priority Development Assistance Funds (PDAF) by the alleged pork barrel scam mastermind Janet Napoles.  Hence, Atty. Villamor is automatically not involved in representing Napoles in the Senate for the PDAF case.

Midway during the interview, it’s hard not to notice that Clavio was repeatedly asking Atty. Villamor what his role is relative to the the pork barrel case and his schedule to present in Senate the case about PDAF, which again is not the concern of the legal counsel being interviewed.

Clavio then appeared unable to organize his thoughts well. His chaotic, circuitous line of questions turned the more confusing. For poor Atty. Villamor, he received all of Clavio’s side comments like these: 

“Pansira ka ng araw eh” (You spoil/ruin my day)

“Tatawa-tawa ka pa” (You’re even laughing)

“Wala ho akong nakuha sa inyo” (I did not obtain any relevant information from you)

Yes, the interview was part of the very wholesome morning show, Unang Hirit, whereby those words were uttered or thrown on the air live.

Some who noticed the rude interview have posted the video on social networking sites, which made Clavio an instant trending topic on Twitter. The uploaded video was dated November 4, 2013.

This very hour, netizens appear unstoppable and tireless airing reactions with some branding the broadcast journalist as arrogant.

Some commented that the acts and side comments were “very unbecoming”, “rude”, “disgusting” and “unprofessional” for a media professional to do.

Arnold Clavio was rude and disgusting during the phone patch interview, other readers posted in Twitter and Facebook. To view more reader reactions, check here and here and here.

A New Estate is Emerging

In this day and age our ours, the media as fourth estate is being tested. Arnold Clavio is part of this estate, which has a very large political and social influence or power.

But Clavio may have to return to the basics, that media men have, first and foremost, a primordial responsibility to the public.

Remember that media people are protected by laws, whose very emergence used the taxpayers’s hard-earned monies. So the media itself has to respect the public’s need to know accurate and fair reporting.

Also it should not be discounted, that a fifth estate is starting to emerge – the public, who are more and more empowered by the modern age technologies like social media platforms.

Over the Internet, netizens can quickly make you popular or notorious based on what you do. And through social networking, many civilians are now beginning to think and ponder on issues. The public can also discern what’s responsible reporting and being arrogantly unprofessional.

In Closing

Here’s a closure, which is just fitting about the media practices at GMA-7:

Does GMA Network like norms? No, it do not like rules. It has a world of its own, which explains why it is not even part of KBP and is foolishly proud of it.

Over at Twitter, Arnold Clavio and the hashtag #medyorude are trending as of this writing. Medyo rude or really rude? What do you think?


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24 thoughts on “Arnold Clavio Branded Rude and Unprofessional Over Interview with Janet Napoles’ Lawyer Atty. Alfredo Villamor”

    1. Yes. I think Clavio got what he deserved. Any form of UNPROFESSIONAL UNETHICAL UNBECOMING or RUDE LANGUAGE or BEHAVIOR whether on air or even anywhere, even in the WORKPLACE, at home or on the phone, restaurants, airport etc, esp. negatively harping or ganging up on a person, guilty or assumed guilty, is SOME KIND OF BULLYING…and it reflects on one’s lack of breeding arrogance and superiority complex. People who show no respect, or show crass behavior, regardless of how guilty or faulted the other is, is a sign of one’s LACK OF CHARACTER.

  1. Imagine how a helpless individual like Brother Eli. who is bound by the rule not to comment on a case being heard in court. He used their station in trying to picture Atty. Villamor as stupid not knowing what to talk about? See how this reporter manifests his style of arrogance in a live interview from a Lawyer? Bastos is a one word to describe him. Would you agree?

  2. Bastos talaga mag interview. Cnabi n hindi cya ang may hawak s pdaf parang hindi nkkaintindi. Cnabi n nga ng lawyer n ang hawak nya ay illegal detension at hindi ang pdaf. Bobo talaga.

  3. Mayabang Ka clavio. Nagsisimula Ka Pa Lang. Marami Ka pang sakong bigas na kakanin bago Ka makapantay Ka Atty villamor

  4. ganyan ba mga NEWS ANCHOR ng GMA 7??? ang dating ei NAPAKABASTOS SA KAPWA at MAPAGPAIMBABAW!!! ang laki ng ULO mo ARNOLD daig mo pa ung parating na super typhoon ngayon! dapat ipangalan sayo un… NAKAKASIRA KA NG UMAGA!!! bigyan ng SANCTION yn! paging MTRCB, kilos din pgmy time…

  5. pero kung aq abugado ndi aq hahawak n khit ano kso n napoles…tama lang c arnold clavio s abogado sakto lng pinakiharap nya..

    1. Well, palagay ko eh di mo narinig ang salita niya doon sa abogado. Bastos na, irrelevant pa siya. Yung dangal ang pinaguusapan. Wala siya noon. Si Villamor, mayroon siyang karapatan ipagtangol ang client niya kahit alam nating mali si Napoles. Ang ginawa ni Clavio ay panglalait, very unprofessional…

  6. Talk about popularity going to your head. Just because you’re a popular journalist Arnold Clavio doesn’t give you the right to be rude to people. I hope GMA management reprimands you for this.

    1. We’re waiting too @Michael Angelo De Leon. As of this very moment, it seems GMA-7 has also turned deaf ears to netizens’ outcry over the rude interview by Arnold Clavio.

  7. WHAPAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just watched the lowest form of professional journalism and the highest form of insolence…no wonder he doesn’t work for abs-cbn hehe


  9. Sana pwede rin magreklamo ung mga taong nakapanood ng video interview na ito kasi kung makikita ito ng mga bata salungat sa pinag-aaralan sa eskwelahan ng gumalang sa kapwa. Kaya di ko pinanonood ng News sa GMA ang anak ko at mga pamangkin baka matyempuhan nila at makita si Arnold Clavio masira ang mga pinag-aaralan ng mga bata sa school. I also calling the attention of MTRCB & CHR, KBP & even CBCP for this kind of irresponsibility done by Arnold Clavio. Please do the necessary action for him.

  10. GMA should start being choosy with TV anchors they employ! Who is Arnold Clavio? PANGITNA BASTOS PA. I just hope Mr. Clavio has undergone university education but must go back to school and learn GMRC and further his study on CONSTRUCTIVE AND FAIR JOURNALISM!

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