Something’s in the Air: Limited Starbucks 2014 Planner

#ShareJoy promo begins November 2 in Starbucks stores in the Philippines. From Starbucks Philippines’ Facebook Fan Page.

Something’s in the air when you enter a Starbucks Coffee Shop this month. As well as being dazzled with the store’s red-colored theme – from baristas wearing red, new merchandize, themed coffee blends and more – it’s also the fresh start for collectors of Limited Edition Starbucks Philippines Planner.

Like a tradition, Starbucks Planner is something the coffee brand lovers look forward to every year. As it has always been in the past, these planners sport different leather cover colors. For 2014, they have yellow, brown, magenta and dark blue (or black?).

Here in this blog post, you’ll find below, some answers to questions often asked by first time collectors:

How do I get your Limited Starbucks Philippines Planner First things first. Ask your barista about the promo. You can ask to be oriented. But it pretty goes like this: Starbucks awards you one (1) sticker for every cup of featured season or core beverage purchased. You will need to collect a total of 18 stickers. Nine featured season beverages while the other nine stickers out of core Starbucks beverages. (Note: your purchase of bottled beverages will not earn you stickers).

This year, their featured Christmas drinks are Toffee Nut Latte, Peppermint Mocha and Gingerbread Latte. All served hot, iced or as a Frappuccino blended beverage.

What do I do with my Starbucks Planner? It’s all up to you and there’s no limit to what you desire to use your planner for. You can start writing a journal and become a writer eventually. As a gift, the Planner is just perfect too. You can collect them all you want and keep them when you want to setup a memorabilia.

When is the start of the Limited Starbucks Philippines 2014 Planner promo? If you are one of the first 300 customers this November 2, you automatically receive two stickers.

Don’t worry, you can still collect stickers until January 8, 2014. Redemption period is also from November 2, 2013 to March 8, 2014, at Starbucks stores in the Philippines only. 

Mike Soon of Mixofeverything Blog has a roundup of pictures here.

If you are quick, you can get two stickers today (November 2) if you are – according to the official Starbucks Philippines Facebook fan page – among the first 300 customers.

So that’s all for now. Happy Planner collecting.


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