‘Isang Araw’ Film By Daniel Razon: Video Production Diary

[Updated with interview with Ritz Azul and stuntman, Nash Espinosa, special thanks to @iamRaymondLacsa for the heads up!]

With only a single minor scene left, the November premiere of the filim, ‘Isang Araw’ (One Day) starring and directed by Kuya Daniel Razon, looks very likely.

Production has started in September and expected to be completed by October this year.

'Isang Araw Lang' Poster
Poster of ‘Isang Araw Lang’, the 2009 movie directed and starring Kuya Daniel Razon.

Isang Araw is the sequel to the Isang Araw Lang: The Movie shown in 2009 [For a review of the previous film, click here]. But what the sequel will be about is to anybody’s guess.

But here’s a compilation of the production journal and behind-the-scene to help you figure out the story.

September 19: First few production days

September 25: Start of Action Sequence Shoot, including Jess Lapid Jr.

September 26: Interview with Ms. Jackie Lou Blanco.

October 4: Intensified Action Training by Kuya Daniel Razon with coach Anthony Lozada; More behind-the-scenes of shoot

October 7: More behind-the-scenes of Isang Araw intense fight scenes

October 9: Confrontation scenes behind-the-scenes; interview with Ricardo Cepeda and Rey PJ Abellana

October 10: Toby Alejar, proud to be part of Isang Araw

October 14: Jeffrey Santos, revealed how he was inspired by Kuya Daniel

October 18: Daria Ramirez and Eagle Riggs, revealed as part of Isang Araw

October 23:  Kuya Daniel compoared to FPJ by Veteran Stuntman, Nash Espinosa

October 27: Ritz Azul says she love the theme of Isang Araw Film

October 28: Release of the Semi-Full Trailer of Isang Araw

The new trailer shows a few more cameos, such as Kuya Daniel’s wife and Bread N’ Butter host, Arlene Razon.

Other casts were revealed through the earlier production videos. ,which include Rey PJ Avellana, Jackie Lou Blanco, Jess Lapid Jr., Toby Alejar, Daria Ramirez, Ricardo Cepeda, Eagle Riggs, Lou Veloso, Ritz Azul, Jeffrey Santos, Dennis Padilla, Bayani Agbayani, Dinky Doo, Ryan Ramos, Djani Packing, Long Mejia, Rep. Erin Tanada, Atty. Regie Tongol, Louella De Cordova, and more.

In the 2009 film, Isang Araw Lang revolves around the simple and ordinary life of a kind-hearted and God-fearing jeepney driver, played by Kuya Daniel. He left behind war and power as a military man after learning about God through the Scriptures. It was an encounter with a corrupt politician that propelled the story forward.

Proceeds will definitely benefit many social services launched by the veteran broadcast journalist.

And just like the earlier film directed by Kuya Daniel Razon, there’s a lot of virtues to learn.


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    1. madami na ba local dyan bro sa papua new guinea ? dyan kase papa ko now naka base, civil engineer sya…sana me mag akay sa kanya doon loobin

  1. Good day! This is Nathalie Blanco of ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs’ DocuCentral. We are currently producing a documentary about the life and death of Fernando Poe Jr. to be aired a week after his 10th death anniversary. We would like to ask if you could help us with the contact number of stuntman Nash Espinosa. Thank you very much!

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