Of Scandals, Janet Lim-Napoles and Daniel Veridiano

Seems like scandals are what preoccupy the national consciousness these days. From the showbiz lot to political arena, Filipinos can just pick one scandal after another to get some life lessons about learning the hard way. But we’ll focus on the parallels between the lavish lifestyle of the Napoles Family, which is allegedly ill-gotten, and that of a certain Daniel Verdiano who also rose to fame for embezzling money, then later betraying and charging of rape his former Church leader after joining an all-powerful Church group in the Philippines. nine years ago.

Janet Lim-Napoles Scandal

Janet Lim-Napoles
Janet Lim-Napoles wishes her daughter a happy birthday in her 21st birthday party in Hollywood. Screengrab from online birthday video

Since late July this year, videos circulated on the Internet of the lavish and posh lifestyle of the Napoles Family. You may wonder, what’s wrong with having a 2008 Porsche Cayenne that’s worth $21,385 and $42,503? Or a Porsche Boxster that’s worth $48,100 and $65,200? Then how about YSL Tribute Leather sandals ($875), Chanel timeless clutch ($1,900), Hublot white Big Bang watch (11,400 euros), Celine medium luggage tote ($3,100), Chanel watch (4,000 euros), Or Herve Leger bandage dress ($1,568) as gifts to the daughter? Okay so what’s wrong? The problem is that there’s no proof as concrete as the bricks of the Egyptian pyramids that the Napoles has been involved in any legitimate business that can support these posh expenses. As of this day, the social media accounts and blog of the wealthy Napoles’ daughther was already deactivated to avoid further controversies.

So what made me finally returned to blogging and talk about this? It’s head-scratching but it’s also fuming me to hell just how our hard-earned taxes simply go to these scums and corrupts. According to reports JLN Enterprises, an Ortigas-based firm owned by no less than Janet Lim-Napoles (JLN), has cornered at least P10-Billion after several lawmakers, senators and congressmen allegedly funded bogus non-government organizations in exchange for substantial kickbacks. The funds of these lawmakers were derived fromtheir Priority Development Assistance Fund or pork barrel. And you know where pork barrel should be devoted to, right? It should fund infrastructure and other projects for the benefits of their local constituencies.

This story has many powerful mysteries wrapped around it. But for now our hope is to be more vigilant and determined to put to jail those responsible and those who will surely be exposed on this.

Daniel Veridiano Scandal

Daniel Veridiano Before and After
Daniel Veridiano, then ADD member and joined the influential INC to survive materially. Now, he’s got the INC on his back to betray and file rape charge against the ADD Group Leader.

Which brings us to Daniel Veridiano, a.k.a. Puto Veridiano. Puto is a homosexual and his lavish lifestyle was another interesting controversial story that hugged the limelight simply because the religion he is now a member of can use him all they want in exchange for material sustenance for Puto.

Puto lived the life of a rich and powerful just with the swipe of credit cards that he was then entrusted to use as a Department Supervisor of the IT Group of the Ang Dating Daan. Instead, Veridiano embezzled the funds and used the money for his own material luxuries that include luxury watches, jewelries, local and foreign trips to beaches and shopping sprees, including a penis enlarger!

Puto Veridiano splurges the money in transforming his ver ugly duckling face into the celebrity kind. Records that were released after exposing Veridiano showed he made expensive purchases that include P3,000-worth Calvin Klein briefs, P50,000-worth bracelets, P70,000-worth luxury watches, and more. He also plurges a lot of money for eating in posh and luxurious restaurants as if he owned these money! His penis enlarger purchase cost P10,000 from the House of Condom in Singapore!

How was he exposed? More than 15 underage boys appeared to report Daniel Verdiano in 2004 for various sexual acts of lasciviousness and rape. Veridiano later admitted the crimes and violations through a confession letter and a video.

Since Puto would not change, Veridiano was excommunicated by the Ang Dating Daan group and was told to leave the ADD Convention Center.  Puto was financially-strapped when he left the premises of the ADD, which means he’s really not financially stable and capable of supporting the lavish lifestyle that he showed while using credit cards and funds issued to him during his ADD days.

To continue with his material needs, he joined the Iglesia ni Cristo and that’s where he started his new life: to revenge against Bro. Eli Soriano by charging the preacher of a rape that Puto himself concocted. Puto knew very well that joining the INC will save him face and the perfect place for him to continue his revenge against Soriano.

INC is one of the religions that the ADD Leader is exposing because of its wrongful teachings about Jesus Christ as mere man, unbiblical doctrines and more biblical fallacies. Puto knows that at that time INC need someone like him to persecute Soriano.

I am quoting from this blog what’s common between Daniel Veridiano and the Iglesia ni Cristo:

The common denominator to Puto and the INC is that they have the same enemy – Eliseo Fernando Soriano – the walking bible who readily says a mouthful about religions he had examined to be deceiving people and whatever he sees as evil. No matter that the constitution of the Interpol says it doesn’t involve itself in crimes that do not overlap several member countries in order to maintain as politically neutral a role as possible, Eliseo Soriano’s name is suddenly in its list. Puto’s enemy and the INC’s enemy seems well-taken care of. From a rape case that Puto concocted, helped by his Iglesia ni Cristo, they have him secure on a “Red Notice” of the Interpol according to an INC report.


If it’s the Christian Louboutin or Porsche luxury cars that opened a can of secrets from politics and the country’s justice system in the case of Janet Lim-Napoles, it’s the penis enlarger that sparked a wave of fresh insight about the relationship of religion, politics, justice system and military connection that the scandal of Daniel Veridiano had opened.


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