Why Blog Only Now

It’s a question that informs about the future of what I want a slice of my life’s gonna be doing. Why blog? Why now? You ask, After all these years still not doing it? Yes, my answer is in the affirmative. It’s fear of so many things, especially writing. So afraid I am that I allowed writing to take a backseat.

Maybe you are confused about my previous statement. “You are writing to pay the rent, right?,” you might be wondering. Well, I mean it’s the other kind of writing that’s difficult.

Memory Lane

Writing has been there for me for so long. If memory serves me right: writing is never alien to me. I’ve been reading a lot of newspapers, magazines and books at home since I was a kid. We are not rich, but because we sell newspapers in the streets, to houses, we get complimentary copies of the prints. When I was in high school, I would jot down notes, compose some poems and write essays. Then my cred shoot up that some of my male friends would approach me to write for them love letters to their puppy crushes.

In college, it’s more of an obligation. I practically do all types of writing because am majoring in communications. From writing news stories, features to scriptwriting, I’ve had a taste of writing in all its shapes and sizes. Then before I finally jumped into the freelancing bandwagon, I have had a two-year writing stint for a daily broadsheet. And today, am still writing because I never could do any thing more awesome than this.

But there’s another form of writing that’s extremely difficult to do. That is writing that am afraid to perform. It is where your name is plastered in your work – open for public scrutiny.

“You are responsible to your posts,” you read the cards flashing in front of your eyes.

“You have obligations to be truthful, fair and just,” showed to you in neon-colored signboards repeating itself over and over.

“You are exposed and open to so many possibilities – the criticisms, cramped up creativity, being lost, looking like an idiot for a second and crazy the next couple of minutes, and just about everything attached to it,” critic inside loves shouting at you.

Diary or private writing is different. Sometimes, your writings stay with you. Texts are hidden in your notes, tissue papers that you only keep to yourself. Writing for a company is the same. It is only a few of you who only see your writing. You also get the help of an editor to tell you what you’re missing, grammatical lapses, etc. But blogging, which is practically public, it’s different. Then writing issues-based heightens the fear. So now, get it?

Given all these things, I am quite sure everything I’ve started writing about are enough to suggest that am seeking your understanding.

Now what to write?

Topics, topics, topics. Yes, there are plenty of things that I will talk a lot about in this blog. Pretty cool stuffs, books, news I read. Music am listening to or concerts I’ve attended. Movies that are cool to watch alone, with friends or never mind forgetting. Things that matter to me and could matter to you as well. The raison d’etre of why this blog pop out like it’s the most important thing in the universe.

I am also unafraid to talk about my faith every now and then so you will read a lot about how my religion influenced me in a lot of ways in this blog too. Because if not – my blog’s lifeline would be pointless and meaningless. And if not for the faith that I found, I know my life lived on earth would be darker, directionless. Even pointless. So to talk about it, to share about my faith is a worthwhile way to spend few hours of my life. As if like an epiphany, it really should be what am supposed to be doing in the first place. To write is to inspire people to think, feel and act. And I’d like to use that God-given gift to share it too.


I love everything about my life though everything’s not perfect. Still it’s worth loving and protecting. I believe 100% of my contentment and peace of mind I owe to my faith. I am religious. Yes, a person who have faith and a believer that there is a Divine Creator. Without doubt, there is. And if not with God’s help, things will be a lot more chaotic! Am not an expert on these things, but trust me, I’ve heard and seen a lot too. So I believe am blessed and also very, very thankful to God, aside from having known the preachers who are like no other in telling the truth.

My Invitation

So feel free to comment and share to me what you feel or what you think. I will also entertain some questions if there is anything you need to be clear about from what I posted.

I think that’s all for now. Thanks again for reading.

The Perpetual Opinionator. Now signing off.



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